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Interrupting Metal Mondey for this one…

2022 is already long gone and I have not had the chance to sit down and give people my “stats” for the year that passed. 2022 was quite the rollercoaster. It started with me contracting covid in early January and saw me positive again later in the year just after I got my booster. Healthwise there is the skin thing that started real small but is now visible all over my body. Hopefully I will be getting treatment later this month.

It was not all bad though. Milou and I celebrated us knowing one another for 10 years and we got to go on a 4 x 4 trip to Iceland for a week. Milou and I also celebrated being married for 4 years in March and I hope that we will be celebrating many more years of growing old together. I do not say this often, but I do love my wife with all that I have, even if it is not a lot, I do. There has never been a person so loving and caring towards me that can also put up with all my shit than her and I will forever love her for it. Here is to us lieverd, here is to going from strength to strength in this coming here. I love you!


And there was also Oi, the little shit has a hold on our hearts that just cannot be replaced. I confess as to never wanting a pet as I feel guilty for leaving the house and we have to plan our trips with him in mind, but this past year became easier as we have a few options now. This cat is cuteness and aggression all bundled up into one furry black ball. One moment he will lick my face like he is a little gay boy, the next I feel that my nose is being ripped to shreds by a rabbit dog. Getting to know his personality has been interesting. Oi celebrated his year and a half milestone of living with us. I think the fact that he is a little crazy helps us too as we are also not always “right up there”.

2022 saw me be inducted into the Dutch ranks and I can now show off my Dutch passport with pride. It also meant traveling in and out of the EU is a little more easier. Believe me, traveling I did a lot last year. Celebrating the fact that I had my passport resulted in Milou and I going to London as a first  try out. I later flew down to South Africa, Iceland I have already mentioned and we also went to Florence, Italy as a quick get away before silly season struck us. I also passed my theory for driver exam which means I can start practical training soon, in all honesty, I think practical should go easier than the theory as I have had a driver’s license since my 18th. In South Africa we did drive on the other side of the road though so I get why I cant just convert my existing license. Milou and I already know that we will be going to France in October to watch a rugby match with her parents, S.A vs Tonga, so for those that watch rugby, see if you can spot me lol…

2022 Was also the year we came out of lockdown and the new “normal” way of living needed to be adjusted too. Hard to think that at some point this year we still needed to show Corona passes to enter places and like a month later it all just vanished… I also got a permanent job at the place that took me in during the time where the zoo kicked me out because of how their contract policies work and I have not been back there since. I work Monday to Friday and I am free every weekend, which is nice as the job before was never as sure as that. I also work with a smaller team of people so in some regard I get to try make new friends in the work place.

For the Stats, I think I will start with the WP itself as is seems like all the nice features showing what posts did the best and that kinda stuff has vanished. Good old WP…

The Numbers:

Looking back at my post counts for previous years, 2022 was a year where I posted way less than 2020 and 2021, but I know why that is. By end 2021 I bought a second hand PS 4 with 10 games included. I think 5 of those games I have finished and the other 5 I let sit for a later time. January, me being down with covid meant I had 10 days to Isolate and Isolate I did, with The Witcher, a game my boss lent me just before I got sick. Witcher, for those that do not know can keep a person busy for hours as it has quite fun minigames as well as a long as play time, the world is huge and fleshed out, there are different ways to do the main missions as well as a tonne of exploring to do, on top of that, there was also the two DLC’s included with the game version my boss had and I sat through all of it. My gaming addiction took off from there and by mid 2022 I also acquired my very own, gaming laptop. This I specifically bought because of an Diablo nostalgia longing and itch I still have not cured. So yeah, my posts were down and because of that, likes, comments and everything was down. I do find it odd as in some weeks I managed to do 3 to 5 day posting streaks, but I guess those were not enough to push  up the numbers. I also had quite a lot of book haul posts which will probably be falling away as my 40K Legends Collection is complete except for one book. Gaming was not the only thing that kept me from blogging though, I at one point just felt too burnt out and just not in the mood to fight against WP’s bullshitery. Seriously, I used to write amazing posts from a iPhone 5 when I started out, now I can’t even navigate all the changes on a brand new pc… WP need to stop thinking corporate and start thinking about everyone, are we not living in the age of inclusivity? Anyway, 2023 will hopefully see me return to a more regular posting routine. If posts do not take me weeks to write, much like this one…

Posts: 114
Words: 81.6K
Likes: 1.9K
Comments: 1.1K
Best Day: Thursday
Best Time: 11:00

Top Commentors:

Ola and Poitr

If your name is not on this list, it does not mean I do not appreciate your comments, these are just the names WP spat out, I enjoy any and all interaction I get from each and every person. I also get that many posts I put out there are not things that everyone will have something to say about, specially when it comes to the metal Monday posts. Just wanted to say that as part of this section. I wholeheartedly appreciate that some people are even reading some of the stuff I put out there.

Onto the Books:

With gaming taking over 2022, it also meant that my reading tanked. I did manage to exceed my 30 book reading gaol by reading 42 books. Its not the 61 and 62 region as previous years, but I was at least still reading. Some books kept me longer as some of them were quit sloggers. Where others were short and under the 30 page mark. I did nt read nearly enough Spiderman old comics as I planned, but I read, that was the main goal here. There are also some reviews I am currently working on that I hope will be ready soon. My reading goal for this year will be 30 again as I feel that is a doable number for me. Anything more is a bonus and I will be happy with that. I am already on book number 3 for this year so that at least is a good start.

Pages Read: 10365
Books Read: 42
Average Book Lenth: 246 Pages
Avarage Rating: 3,7

Shortest Book: 24Pages

Spidey 4

Longest Book: 789


Most Shelved: 2685518 people

Jekyl en Hide

Least Shelved: 5 people

Surviving Hell

Highest Rated Book for 2022:

Surviving Hell 5 out of 5, a must read!

Whaaaat? I never read this… This must’ve become confused with Salty’s reviews… Salty!

Montage of all books for 2022:




There is one unknown book book among my screen grab, but it was for an older issue of a Spiderman book that does not seem to have a cover, for anyone that was wondering.

That was my 2022 everyone, quite a bit of reading, but hopefully we will see me read more in 2023. If not then I hope I can put out more game reviews, even if they are 1 too 2 sentence long reviews.

Hope you all have a good 2023 as well!




27 thoughts on “The year that was 2022 on Wordholicanonymous

  1. I am echoing Bookstooges sentiment here.
    I’d love to read more about your gaming experiences, be them reviews, conversations or hauls.

    Also, 30 books in a year is pretty good going.
    And, that highest rated one, well, what can I say, it’s a good’un!! 😂

    Liked by 3 people

      1. Hahaha! I think it’s only that highly rated because it’s not been read by many people.
        I at least hope he has come out of the bathroom… 😬

        Liked by 2 people

    1. Ive finished enough games to have a small chat about a few, they will probably not be long reviews like the Alien Isolation one. But who knows, maybe distraction dinsdag takes off this year.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I need your ingame blizz account name so long🙂 maybe we can have a few games together? Ive not done the pre order for it yet. Ill scope it out first. As it stands, D2 is still my favorite. It was a finished game when i got it and after so many years still runs like a dream


  2. Congrats on surviving such an eventful year, Dawie&Salty! 😀 Looks like a good year all around, what with new job, new passport, and plenty of travels! Also, your collection is almost complete, yay!!! All the best in 2023 for you and Milou!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. They’re going to re-release prettier Witcher 1, I haven’t been playing many cRPGs lately, but I will be tempted to try this one 🙂

    You had a tough, but good year, it seems. You, ekhm, “survived hell”. Cover of the year (it ain’t 😉 ). And Iceland, wow, I heard it’s great for such a trip, my friend did this a year or two ago…

    Do visit Poland in 2023 🙂 We’re thinking about flying to Amsterdam to see the Vermeer exhibition, but chances are no more than 33%, as it only lasts till early June and the first half of the year looks busy…

    Once more – Happy 2023!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you for the kind words Mogsy🙂. I’ll try include more life updates as i go along. Currently bussy trying to get my Dutch drivers license so will see if i can manage this year.


  4. Congratulations to you and Milou on another year together – and congratulations on surviving 2022 – I wonder if we’ll ever have a “nice” year in our lifetimes again? And in the year you get a PS4 and gaming PC I’ve almost entirely moved to gaming on my Xbox! :/

    Liked by 1 person

    1. As far as I know xbox currently has the best gamepass there is. And the fact that its microsoft means that many games are not just console exclusives and you can play it on a pc too. Im thinking of checking out Darktide some time soon…


  5. One of my streaming services will carry the Rugby World Cup, if you give a reminder ahead of the match I’ll look out for you either watching the game live or replay.


      1. One of my high school classmates and his wife went to a Colombia match at the 2014 World Cup in Brazil, around the 6 minute mark there was throw in and behind the player was my classmate looking on intently at the action.

        Liked by 1 person

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