A Small Personal Goal Checkbox for 2023

For today I would just like to make a small list for myself regarding things I’d like to do/start/finish this year. I’d like to see about having it written down somewhere and looking back at the end of the year to see how it goes. I am a person that can procrastinate a hellova lot so maybe it’s time to put on the big boy pants and do actual “stuff”. See how it goes…

Read 30 books:

30 Books a year is my staple goal for every year since I started using GR. I’ve managed it for a few years now, with the past two years getting 60 books done, with past two years I mean 2020 and 2021, 2022 saw me dip to the 42 book mark. I am on 3 books for the year already so have a feeling it’s going well…

Finish The Witcher book series:

Currently waiting on input from a few people in my GR read along group for this series, we have three books to go so I can imagine that we can do it early this year still.

Reach (at least) book 30 in HH:

This seems easily doable as Jenn and I just finished book 5, 5 books should be easy right?

Restart Gaunt’s Ghosts:

Gaunt’s Ghosts was a series I recommended to Stooge having only read two books in that series myself. I’ve had book 1-6 on my shelf for more years than I am willing to admit, with the others not being read. It also helps that the first book is also in the 40K Legends collection.

Finish other series started long ago:

For this I am looking at the Crossfire series that I started two years ago with Spalanz, not having the second or third books then it fizzled out, since then I now have the complete series in the 40K Collection which makes this doable.

Build Comprehensive list for 40K Legends Collection:

Seeing as I have 99 books of the 100 in this collection, I would like to make one post listing all the books. I will be using the numbers on the spine and not the issue numbers as they came out in the original subscription service. Ultimately I would like that post to be updated then with my reviews linked as I finish them. This might take me a while to figure out but I will be using Instagram for the pictures of each individual book.

Try not to go apeshit and buy more books than you can read:

Last year I had one or two book haul posts almost every month… That will probably not be the case this year as I want to look into finishing the books I now own before buying new ones. Easier said than done as I know I will probably buy a book if we visit some store that I am interested in reading… I spent a lot of money on books last year so I should at least try take some sort of pause from buying new ones for now…

Try to resell books we are not reading, finished or not interested in reading:

A week or so ago I managed my first sale of a HH book for some one that was desperately looking for a copy. Now I am not going to be as stingy and conniving as some eBay sellers are, if it’s a book I read long ago and want to get rid of it will be cheap, as long as the potential buyer can pay for the shipping, I am happy to let them go for a fair price. Shipping to the states is quite costly so in those cases a buyer having no problem with paying 100 dollar just for that can get the book for free for all I care… I have a Marktplaats account that I want to start small with and see how it goes, Marktplaats being the sort of Dutch equivalent of eBay. I do not know if I should make a “de haul” post for the books that are going on sale/looking for new homes, but if people would like to see that kind of thing, let me know and I will consider it.

Keep a diary/schedule stuff:

This can range from things like writing down my thoughts on a book I am currently reading too just writing important dates down so it does not clash with other events Milou and I might be interested in doing. I bought my own little calendar book thingy before year end last year and already wrote a few days in. Updated it yesterday as well as I have three dates for training on my Driver’s Practical exam, seems to work well… Ultimately I would like to see if keeping notes helps me with the reviewing of the books I read. In the past I would write them and not use them at all in my reviews…

Pass my Driver’s Practical:

With three dates planned for exercise, I still need to see if I can schedule the exam. The company I am doing it with recon I need 26 hours of lessons, which seem a little excesive, I have been driving since my 18th already, but in South Africa we drove on the left side of the road… I hope to have this completed soon.

Start a Course:

I never got any tertiary tuition after I finished school, went straight into working for retail in different sectors. Since then it was always the idea to further better myself, but money was an issue with always just having enough to get back to work in my own car and after paying rent. I am looking at starting a course this year that is part of a Bachelors in Logistics. Personally feel that it might be a good fit and will see how far I get this year depending on the drivers stuff. I am also interested in starting light, maybe in a creative writing course, just to see if I can get some stuff out, who knows, maybe I can start that zombie series with my younger brother that I’ve dreamt of for a while now…

Write (at least) one Chapter for “insert title here”:

I’ve been sitting on this idea for a while, how about making something of it? How long/how many words should an avarage chapter be? Say for instance I would like to write a novella or short story, does it matter?

France in October:

October is still a ways away, but Milou got us rugby tickets for South Africa vs Tonga that will be taking place in France, we are also looking at going on holiday there then, so will be nice to plan ahead and save towards that.

Be a better person:

Since the pandemic at the start, I have become very fatalistic and a pessimist by nature, its not me, I am not proud of myself. I shut others out as I feel they do not need that shit, but in the same sense, if you keep things bottled up, its going to blister and explode on those that are undeserving of the emotions under pressure so long. I need to work on that…

65787e28-ca44-407d-9cce-9b2ff64cbd39 Sulky McDave…

There it is, a longer list of things I initially had planned in my head, but seems doable and if not, I can only be angry with myself… I hope 2023 will be a good year. I believe we also make with it what we can to the best of our abilities.

Hope you have a good Sunday.


16 thoughts on “A Small Personal Goal Checkbox for 2023

  1. I always like a list to keep me focused, though I know a lot of people worry that putting these things down on paper and telling people about them can put you off actually doing it. But good luck with everything, the writing and the course sound like very exciting things, and sure – a book de-haul sounds hilarious! I’m all for getting the Arbites series read, and I’ve been wanting to get back to Gaunt’s Ghosts for a while, as I think it’s about 2 years since I got to, what, book 5? So if you want company on that, count me in!!

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    1. Will you be starting GG over from book one again then? or shall I let you know wehn I get to book 5? rbites we can pick up soon as we get through Witcher, Just need to hear from Jenn still, I do not know if she gets notifications on that group…

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  2. I’ll tell you what I want, what I really, really want. I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna, I wanna really, really, really wanna zig-a-zig ah.

    Seriously though, I have that same going apeshit problem with buying too many books. I’m thinking of doing a 20 book challenge. No buying books until I’ve finished 20 books already in my possession!

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