Metal Monday – Ahab – Mobilis In Mobili

It’s finally here, Ahab’s 5th album, The Coral Tombs, based of off/inspired by  the Jules Verne novel 20000 Leagues Under the Sea. I have not heard the album in its entirety yet, but that will have been rectified by the time this post goes up. Those not familiar with Ahab, the Nautic Funeral Doom (Maritime inspired slow metal) band from Germany, they started out with an album Call of the Wretched Sea, based of the Melville novel, Moby Dick, not only did they use Moby Dick as inspiration, but they also named themselves after the captain of the Pequod.

Earlier last week I saw the latest music vid for today’s song and I felt it was very fitting for a Metal Monday post. Enjoy! Friendly reminder that at the time of writing this post, the lyrics for the song was still not yet public. I will edit that in soon as I have time to type them all out.



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