Metal Monday – Sulfur Aeon – Cult of Starry Wisdom

Welcome to another Metal Monday. Seeing as I started the year of with book related Metal this year, I think I might continue the trend for a bit longer. Where last week’s song came from being influenced by Jules Verne, today’s song and band are infatuated with all things H.P Lovecraft. There is something very metal when it comes to classical writers it seems…

Sulfur Aeon are classed on some websites as Blackened Death Metal. A genre I have gotten into quite a bit in the last couple of years. Blackened Death is almost like Black Metal, just a tad bit darker. Where most people see Satanism, which is easy to do when just listening to how evil it all sounds, it is easy to overlook how well horror novels can fit into this genre.Anyhow, Metal is what you make of it, in my case, I tend to try get to try look up the inspiration for songs. In this case Cthulu takes the cake. Love the album art on the cover of their albums, it makes for such great reading atmosphere when reading Lovecraft. I certainly had it when reading Azathoth over the weekend…



I fix upon a whispering light…
A shimmering stone,
A gate of night.

With mesmerized eyes
I await his call,
Messenger of Father Azathoth
Pale faces align
In hypnotic trance.
Malevolent hands
Are being raised!
Voices soar through the eldritch halls
Of the cadaverous church.

Embrace me in thine glowing trance!
Bless me with thine arcana!
A crystalline gate to the stars…
Far from the Moon
And from Mars.
Ancient soil—deserts of Yuggoth
Herein reigns the race of the Mi-Go.…

Embrace me in thine glowing trance!
Bless me with thine arcana!

Iä, Iä
I yearn to be thine servant—
Speak through me!

Iä, Iä
I call forth ye
Oh thousand-faced god


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