New Books…

Well, I made it this far without getting new books… To be fair though, I never made a post of them when I got them in December, so here goes:

The first two books are NetGalley ARCs. I would like to extend my thanks to the people involved with the permissions to review the books as I know that they are quite popular. At least in my view.

I am the law

Very much like a book I read long ago, this one not so much delves into the psyche of Dredd, it rather looks at how Dredd apparently shaped the LAW with predictions. I am not clued up on American LAW where Dredd took its origins from, but I hope to learn something. As this is a non fiction book, it might take me a while to get through, bare with me…

Isle of the dead

Zombicide is a tabletop game I have been interested in checking out for a while. Zombies are kinda my go to horror it seems seeing as Cosmic Horror is too hard to be filmed. I figure this book can be read as a stand alone and dos not need you to have played the games. I am interested to see how it goes as this is more fantasy than your current day zombies. There are a few add ons to the original game so I figure its worth a try.

I got A man and his Cat from Milou as a birthday present and never posted it on here so there you go. Now you can see a man and his cat looking at A Man and His Cat the Manga. Maybe I can read it with Oi at some point.


6 thoughts on “New Books…

    1. I read the Wolverine one like any normal book. So will se how it goes. On Kindle it looks like its quite a thick one so I will only have an estimate soon as I start it. If the writing is straight forward enough I could blaze through it, but if theres a bunch of new terminology to get through I could struggle.

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