January 2023 Recap

So that was January already… Seriously, the longest month of the year flew by like it wants it to be 2024 already… While I wanted to be more active on WP this past month I saw again that my priorities lie a bit different. I did get some reading done though. I got through 6 books in total of which I still have to write reviews on for 5 of them. One was a 1 page Lovecraft short though, so that does not really count. GR does count it as a book so i am sticking with that. I read more horror than I read Warhammer this month which is so weird, we are far away from October are we not?

I also managed to finish 3 games on the PS4, got two new games for cheap as well as started a Warhammer game on the pc with my Steam account, it’s called Vermintide 2 and I have been having fun slapping a few Skaven and Nurgling enemies about with my Dwarf class. I”ll be looking into the other classes in February, I am still in the learnining phase of it all. In Diablo 2 news, season 2 ends at midnight today so I have been grinding with my barbarian and mage a bit to warm me up for when season 3 starts. I’ve learned that my Barbarian set up is completely wrong and I am not suppossed to just jump into fights and try bea the crap out of things, no, I need to train how to battlechant first to increase my team’s survival. Not that my team normally struggles, especially if there is a high level mage present with a Paladin that uses Fist of The Heavens or hand of God. One day I would like to be as good as those people that just come in and one shots it all. 

Milou and I went for our first long walk on the weekend of the 21st. While I did not train for it, I managed to just make the 21 km. Milou did twice that in two days. Really proud of her and I was happy for her when she got a gold medal.

I can not say I have really started with my goals list that I posted earlier in the month. I have a few made up plans that are stored in my head and I do hope that it wont just stay that, an idea… February I would like to make some work of it.

Lets take a look at what made it onto WP in January.


Only two book reviews went out, while I still have to work on about 8 others… Good start to the year hey?

Mark of Calth Mark of Calth – Various Authors

I am a bit done with the short story collections within the Horus Heresy. This book took me way too long to get through, but I am at least through with it. Next up is book 26. That reaching book 30 or 35 looks doable still for this year. I know Jenn has started on Vulkan Lives already, I plan on starting it tomorrow.

Baptism of FireBaptism of Fire – Andrzey Sapkowski

So far my Favorite book in this series. The cast was great, Milva’s chatter was awesome and Regis was a legend. Looking forward to start the next Witcher, but that will only happen some time after Vulkan Lives. Bare with us…

Metal Monday:

A few book related Metal Posts this month, mainly Lovecraft inspired, but Ahab also released their album that take inspiration from Jules Verne’s 20000 Leagues Under the Sea.

Ornassi Pazuzu – Ilmestys

Ahab – Mobilis In Mobili

Sulfur Aeon – Cult of Starry Wisdom

Ruins of Beverast – Exuvia

Other Posts:

I did a goals post early in the year, I got a few new books and did a 2022 Stats post.

The year that was 2022 on Wordholicanonymous
A Small Personal Goal Checkbox for 2023
New Books…

And that was it I am afraid. Lets hope Feb will see me caught up with at least half of the book review pile… Hope your February will also be a good one.


6 thoughts on “January 2023 Recap

  1. Don’t stress about the books you haven’t reviewed. Just rate them all and dump it into one post like your wife does sometimes.

    With diablo 2 being such an old game, are there still places you can play multiplayer? I would have assumed it was pretty defunct…

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    1. Its an old game, but they completely remade it with upgraded graphics. Its very much alive with multiplayer still. You can also do private playthroughs with your fiends which is cool. Means that people wont come in and rush the bosses and leave

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  2. Well done on the walking! I’m hoping to do more of this as the world wakes up from winter! I feel a bit in the same boat as you with book reviews, though I think it’s only 2 that I need to write up. As Mr Bookstooge says, though, you can just do a catch up blog and knock up a paragraph for each or something, then move on! 😃

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    1. That is probably tbe best way to tackle the reviews outstanding problem. I’ll sit on it for a while and see what i can come up with. Theres a fivebook one coming up tomorow of shich youve seen the pictures of on insta already


  3. I don’t review half of the books I read! 😃 Don’t worry about it! TBH, I write only those reviews I really want to write. The rest I just write a few sentences about and post on GR 😉

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