February 2023 Reading Plans

February is in full swing and I have been stuck with a book from last month that I just cannot finnish, reading is slow going and I do not know why. Perhaps we wil be seeing Salty return soon… Here is what I am looking at reading this month.

Currently Reading:

Crusade for Armageddon

While I was pretty hyped to be reading this, it has turned into quite a drag for me. Very much written in a style that made me loose interest in anything Cadia Stands related. The saving grace for me so far was that it includes a Dreadnaught. This is also an older Warhammer novel and the age shows. As far as I am concerned I don’t give two shits about the Black Templars in this novel as they hardly have a lot of page time and when they do they are bland as tap water. I don’t want to DNF this as I have under 100 pages to go. Wish me luck…


This and Crusade for Armageddon are the only two books that have stayed unfinished from last month’s Reading Plans. I have not read any other short stories from this book yet, but paln on at least getting through 1 this month.

Other Books in the Plan:

Vulcan Lives

Book 26 in Horus Heresy. I am staring this tomorrow. I feel that I am ready for some Salamanders action. I’ve also seen the sons of Edgy Batman are involved here. Looking forward to starting it.


Tower of Swallows, the next book in The Wicher series is also on the list this month. The GR read along group will be picking it up probably closer to the end of Feb or early March. Depending on if Jenn gets her read through of the previous novel done. No pressure Jenn! I would like to finish this series this year, but I do not want to make people feel forced into reading a book they are not ready for. We will see how things go.

Thats the list for this month. I start lessons in driving from next week onwards so will be concentrating on that as well so do not want to put too much pressure on myself.

Hope Februarty will be good to you all.


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