Oh no…

As far as one of my personal goals to not buy lots of books in 2023, I have already failed… Two weeks ago I had to go to hospital regarding my skin condition in Utrecht. I know Utrecht pretty well now and happen to know exactly where a Warhammer shop is situated (insert meme with Borrimer from Lord of the Rings mimicing the eye of Sauron), One does not simply walk into a Warhammer shop and not leave empty handed…

Grim Repast is another Warhammer Crime novel, while the Horror side of 40K has been hit or miss for me, I have had a lot of fun with the crime novels. Most books are set in 40k quite far removed from the Heresy and Space Marines, almost mostly focusing on the human side of the setting. I have no idee who Quillon Drask is supposed to be, maybe he was part of a short story anthology? I am exited to get to this one some time non the less.

GoodReads has this to say about it:

“This city eats men…”
Quillon Drask is a haunted man, wrestling with the daemons of his past. With a reputation that draws only the strangest cases, he is intimately familiar with the malevolent underbelly of Varangantua. Yet nothing that has gone before could have prepared the probator for the horrors which now blight the district of Polaris.

Faced with a savage crime with frightening implications, Drask is thrust into a game of corruption and conspiracy, warring families, and blasphemous revelations. Only by mastering the bitter lessons of his career and his own tortured insight can Drask hope to bring the perpetrators to justice, and curb the monstrous hunger which stalks the city.


17 thoughts on “Oh no…

      1. Ah, I’d forgotten about the Crossfire books! Yeah, Fire Caste is excellent though, gonna hopefully get my review up soon – depending on when you read it, I might be tempted to do a re-read!

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      1. Yeah, uncertainty is almost the worse. Not knowing. Even if something is bad, if you know what it is, you feel like you can have something be done for it. But not knowing?

        You doing ok mentally and emotionally?

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      2. Yeah man, mentally and emotionally theres a lot going on with my family in SA at the moment and with my skin, theres nota lot i can personally do about it myself, so its day by day for me

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      3. I’m very sorry to hear that. About it all. Well, I’ll be here for you. And once I “finally” get whatsapp, maybe that help facilitate communication between us 😀

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