A late Valentine’s…

Aaaah, February, the month of love. Since meeting Milou and being able to to live on the same continent as her, we have had a small tradition when it comes to Valentine’s. No, its not that explicit or graphical! We just give each other a book as opposed to Roses or any kind of flower, books are technically flowers too you see? Because of that I get to have a bookhaul post this month… Here’s a big I love you Milou and thank you for spoiling me with these neat gifts!


Keeping with the theme, Milou knows me very well and got me Volume 1, this one apparently starts of with a sex scene hahahaha, good one love! I have heard good things about this series so very exited to pick it up.


Milou got me A Man and his Cat for my birthday in December and it seems like I can expect many more Cat themed Manga in the future. The blurp tells a short story of a socially akward person adopting a cat. What gaming has to do with it, I will have to find out still. Thank you Lief!

As I needed to fill up a order amount to get shipping for Milou’s present for free I decided to get myself something I have been eyeing for a long time…


Yep, The Art of Deadspace. I have been a fan since the first game came out many years ago. I played through all three on both PC and PS3 as well as own all three for the PS3, but unfortunately the PS broke in 2021 and I ended getting a PS4 for cheap just before that year closed out.


I can not get enough of this francise though. Necromorphs still manage to scare me from time to time even though I know where the jumpscares will happen. The universe is a brutal one and Isaac Clarke has his work cut out for him, mind the pun as his arsenal mostly consists out of mining equipment and all sorts of plasma cutting. An old fellow blogger wrote quite a good summery and is also directly responsible for me being aware that this book was a thing. He has since gone radio silent, but I am still going to include his post here.

Thats it for today. Have a great weekend everyone!

7 thoughts on “A late Valentine’s…

    1. Deadspace 1’s graphix still looks great for the year it came out. Even in 2021 it still looked good. I wish i had some one that i couldve done the co op missions with in deadspace 3. That game did get a lot of hate, but i liked it to some extent.

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