February 2023 Recap

February is already at it’s end and it feels like I have not done a lot to make a comeback completely to WP. In all honesty I can say I have tried my best. WP interactions are at an all time low, but I get that people are just busy in general so will not be letting that get me down. Last week alone saw me do full reviews of more than 1 book and I am happy I am getting to write them again. I also do not know if my posts are just hidden because I am not a WP paying customer, frankly I do not care too much. I also finally have some sort of diagnoses for my skin condition and hope to get treatment soon, but I’ll have to wait till 20 March to get a clearer answer, by now I should be patient in the waiting game, but I can start to feel that my mind is getting a bit unrestless and I might have been a bit rude towards a docter’s assistant yesterday when she told me the earliest they can see me was 1 May… Oh well, blame me, for stretching my patience over the course of a year…

Lets see what some of you might have missed in February shall we?

Metal Monday:

I think I got all four Monday’s this month which I am happy with. I started off with listing a few bands Milou and I will be seeing in June at the Grasspop Metal Meeting in Belgium. The main highlight for us beeing that Johny Depp is playing in one of them…

Hollywood Vampires – Heroes
Deathstars – This Is
Eluveitie – Slania’s Song
Ignea – Nomad’s Luck


Apart from the 4 book reviews I did, 3 of them consisted of more than one book. I did a mini review post to try catch up on books I did not get to review in 2022 and frankly had no Idea as to how to do them in any other way. Mini reviews might become a thing of the future for me if it happens again. I still have a list of book reviews to get through, but they will be getting their own posts in March if all works out well enough. We will see how it goes. Maybe I need to come up with schedule on which posts to write when, instead of doing them as I go along as I have done since my blog started, I’ll probably just continue the way I have.


Warhammer 40000: Sisters of Battle – Grønbekk/Salazar

I did a combined book review for this one and used a meme as my post’s cover seeing as I never imported the individual covers into my WP pictures folders. I love this meme tho.

Crusade for ArmageddonCrusade for Armageddon – Jonathan Green

I nearly DNF’d this novel, but decided to push through as I wanted to know of Brother Jarold’s fate, he luckily lives on to fight in the follow up novel to this one, which I am sad to say, I won’t be reading. Crusade of Armageddon already has been de- hauled from my physical shelf and I hope it will get a nice home.

40k collection

Distraction Dinsdag: Catching Up Round 1…
I did a bunch of mini reviews as I stated in the paragraph above. Random foto just to advertise a nice collection of books I now own…

Birth of VenomThe Amazing Spider-Man: The Birth of Venom

Another collection of a few Spiderman issues. This was the start to Stooge and I’s Web of Spiderman read along. The next post will be up by 23 March.

Beast of stapletonsSundays with Sherlock – Beast of the Stapletons

James Lovegrove has done another great job with the original character that are beloved by people from all walks on life. This book taking place as a direct sequal to Doyle’s Hound of the Baskervilles.

Book Hauls:

Two posts went up, one where I got a book on my way to a hospital visit and one for me and Milou’s Valentines tradition where we give books and not flowers to one another. Books are flowers too right?

Oh no…
A late Valentine’s…

That was february all summed up. Here’s hoping March will see me be more productive. I am nearing finishing a game and hope to have another Distraction Dinsdag post up soon.

Till next time.


12 thoughts on “February 2023 Recap

  1. I don’t think you ever need a reason for sharing the 40k Legends photo 😃

    Not that I’m an authority on any of this, but with you mentioning the scheduling thing, it does often work well for me as I sometimes have periods where I write 3-4 blog posts at once, and think I need to try to space them out. However, I’m sure it’s also happened where I’ve got confused and written more, which reference stuff I’ve scheduled but isn’t out there yet 🤣

    Years back, I was looking at the analytics and saw my most popular time of day for people to be reading, so tried to post and schedule for that time. Needless to say, it did nothing for my engagement! I don’t know if it’s anything to do with not being a paying blogger, but I’m terrible for keeping up with what everyone I follow is writing. I’m not sure moving the Reader off the app will do for that, either, but I shall try to keep up with you 😃

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Not a problem spalanz. We have our interactions on both insta now as well as GR. I just see it as not having enough hours in the day to do posts. If i cant write that also means i cant read other’s posts…

      I will look at planning my writing times better in March for sure. Might help get more out there.

      As for WP, i am beyond trying to understand it all. Just go as I go

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Glad to hear you might have a diagnoses and possible treatment for what’s going on with your skin. That’s really good news!

    Looking forward to reading WoS with you. I don’t know much 80’s schlock I’ll be able to take so having someone’s shoulder to cry on about it might help me keep on reading 😀

    As for WP, I can say this. The more you put into other people, the more you’ll get in return. It’s a stone cold fact, unfortunately. It’s human nature. I look at my blogging time as an investment in other people. And sometimes you don’t get a good return on said investment. But then you hit goldmines every once in a while and it’s worth it 😀 So be encouraged, I think you are a good investment :-D, hahahahaha

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Thank you Stooge. Ive never seen myself as an investment🙂. Will take you up on the advice though. Also looking forward to WoS. Knowing where it is going makes me exited to see what happens on the way there.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Fingers crossed for your skin treatment!
    Don’t let the low WP numbers discourage you, Dawie! Let’s be honest, it’s not quantity but quality of interactions that matters! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

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