March 2023 Reading Plans

Holy moley, we are in March already???? Yeah, just looked at the clock on the pc and it says we are in March already… For this coming March I have quite a bit of reading planned out already, if I am going to be successful in getting it all done, I am not so sure. We will have to see. Here goes:

Currently Reading:

I am the law

Slowly making my way through this non fiction. I have always thought Dredd was set in future American times, which it kinda is, but this franchise was borne in the U.K and so far I learned that it was inspired not only by events from America, but also out of events that happened in the U.K. Now, I do not know how I am ever going to review this book as it is quite a lot to take in, but I have this on Kindle, so have been underlining some sentences that might help me and, possibly, you to better understand it. We will have to see. Some one start typing up some comprehension test questions please…


I downloaded this on a whim from Audible when it was free and have a few of the later books also stored. Blustery Day is a bunch of short stories that the author concocted for a few magazines which then grew into it’s own. there are 5? books in total so far and so far I am having fun with the shorts. Johannes Cabal is a necromancer that has eventual run ins with the supernatural, he is not a detective of sorts, but tends to be brought in to investigate odd cases. I told Milou last night night that it is not difficult to follow and I am fine with having it play as I work. Pure easy listening for me. I will most definitely be continuing the series if its all on Audible.


I have this collection of short stories from Black Library’s “start here” collection at work which I read a few pages from every now and then, there wont be a review for this for a while still. I am mainly reading this to try give my views for potential people wanting to get into the Age of Sigmar side of WH. So far I can not say that this is a good place to start as the first 2 stories just kinda pushes you into the pool and looks at you to see if you swim or drown. Yeah if you give me a start here label on a book, at least help me understand where or how it all started instead of giving me stories at the ass end of an already set up universe, if it does not help a semi WH reading veteran, it wont do so for new people to the franchise…

Reading Plans/ Books I want to start:


Last month Stooge and I started our buddy read of the first Web of Spiderman issue. This month we ar taking up issues 2-5. This will be up by 23 March. Easy reading as far as I am concerned. We will see how long Stooge and I tough it out before we throw in the towel. So far I am in it for the long haul (138 issues?). Happy to be part of another buddy read.


Talking about buddy reads, I am hoping to pick up this one for our ongoing Witcher read. I have no idea what to expect, so I am expecting nothing from it, maybe it will surprise me.


Aaand another buddy read I am hoping to get to in March. Book 27 in the long Horus Heresy series. Which reminds me, I still need to do a review for book 26…

I will be keeping the reading plans short as March is also the month Milou and I celebrate 5 years of marraige. We have a night train planned taking us from The Netherlands to Vienna. I am very much looking forward to that, a small break before season at work kicks in. I have also gotten the date for my Driver’s exam and will be having lessons through to July so reading might be getting limmited… I also have the doctor’s appointments that will be determining how much I read and how much I can concentrate. We will see how it goes.

Hope you all have a great March!

11 thoughts on “March 2023 Reading Plans

    1. By the time he hit South African shores with the Stallone movie he was already like a generation or what old in the UK. So weird. We only got some comics as kids after the movie came out. Never knew the iceberg ran so deep…


  1. Always good to see more Dredd, looking forward to your review of that one! Maybe one day I’ll make more of an effort to get into this, as well!

    Good luck with the Heresy, and I’m very much hoping you enjoy Witcher 4 😃

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    1. How has the tower been doing for you? You never got into Dredd yourself? It feels so weird as I think he was very much what BL used as a template for the Adeptus Arbites. Specially after the pictures I saw in that Crossfire book.

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      1. Oh yeah, GW totally ripped off Dredd with the Arbites. I think a lot of 40k and 2000AD is pretty similar, maybe due to sharing the same authors in the 90s (I know Dan Abnett does a lot of Dredd comics as well). It’s funny because they’ll rip off other lore, but woe betide anyone who tries to infringe on their own stuff!

        I finished Tower of the Swallow last week, I think it was. I enjoyed it, I thought the writing was pretty good this time around, even though the plot jumps around a lot. I’m curious to see what everyone else thinks about it, though!!

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      2. Milou should be starting soon, i will only start later this month, finishing up Cabal first and want to make way with the dredd non fiction. Really is a lot to take in

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