De Jaloezieman – Jo Nesbo

Jealously MAn

Published: 8 April 2021
Publisher: CPNB
Pages: 96
Series: N/A
Format Read: Physical Copy


When a German tourist disappears without a trace on a Greek island, the help of The Jealousy Man is called in, an inspector who specializes in solving crimes in which jealousy seems to be the main motive.


The Jealousy Man was a short story I read in Dutch. It was translated into the language as part of a Bookweek special where certain book shops gave you a free sampler as part of any book sale you made. I quite enjoyed this short. On a touristy Greek island an inspector had to look into a case of a missing person. The person in question was that of a twin brother that went swimming and never resurfaced. Jealousy Man took his time in finding out the ins and outs of what exatly transpired. I think Nesbo did a good job in spinning this tale of betrayal between two close nit brothers feaured in this short. I did see the ending pretty clear before the big reveal was done, but it did not take my enjoyment out of this novella.

The Jealousy man also had his own dark pas that gave his character that much of an edge to him. I liked how the story started of with him telling the tale of how his dad or uncle used to tell him about Iarus and the story kept very close to that of envy. The term jealousy makes you nasty played a big part of the story. Thrown into the mix a love triangle between twin brothers set on a small Greek island where absailing and rock climbing was pretty big, this was very intersting and engaging for me to read. This again reminded me of wapping places like Brent Week’s Lightbringer did, as well as gave me a little Mc Culley Culken (mind my spelling) Good Son vibes. Job well done in my eyes.

I gave this a 4 out of 5 on GR. I do not know how well known Nesbo is world wide, but apparently 50 million copies have been sold, so if you have not heard of him either, now you have…

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13 thoughts on “De Jaloezieman – Jo Nesbo

  1. Yep, I’ve read a good few of Nesbo’s crime/thrillers, he excells in exploring dark and gloomy underbelly of the Scandinavian (mostly) world 😉 He’s probably most known for a series of books about the police detective Harry Hole, pretty good yarn, though a tad depressing 🙂

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