Distraction Dinsdag – Books!!!…

Remeber when I said I was not going to buy new books this year? Forget that that was ever said on this blog… hahahaha! I might have gone over the deep end again. Buying more books than I read in a year’s time, comes with the territory I guess… I Bought these ones secondhand of of the Dutch version of Ebay, called Marktplaats. Happy with them all and they were all delivered in good condition. Shout out to Maiky and Patric the two individual sellers I got these ones from. Thanks! 

Starting from the top. I have had the first Fabius Bile novel, Promogenitor, for a while now and originally bought it when I got the 3rd book on NetGalley, obviously have not read that yet but will be rectifying that soon (I hope). Fabius, for those not in the know is an Apothecarion for the Emperor’s Children. Knowing a little of his escepads from the events of Fulgrim, I think its safe to say I know enough to dive into this character’s own story. Judging by the covers they already look like I am going to be enjoying them.

Eye of Medusa and Voices from Mars is a duoligy series from the perspective of the Iron Hands. I do not know as much of this series as I saw it for the first time with the sale Maiky had up. Not sure if the Primarch is alive when this series takes place, but excited to find out for sure!

Lastly, I got the next three Gaunt’s Ghosts books. in the series, not sure on their following order, but will get into the nitty gritty soon as I start this series up. I am first going to have to do a re-read of the first two books in the series and then move through the rest of the series where and when I can. Already saw that Spalanz is interested in partnering up for this series so that makes me very happy. We first need to finish up Witcher and the Calpurnia trilogy that we stared on two or three years ago… Bare with me…

Whoops, just I thought I was done I also remembered I got this one too! No idea what this holds in store, but having read Betrayer now and the Eater of Worlds novel I think I know enough to enjoy myself with some more Kharn. Pretty interesting character for me and the reason I shaped my WH avatar afte the World Eaters, only I will be creating my own faction one day called the Word Eaters, a litlle play on the Word Bearers and the World Eaters. Only the Word Eaters are going to hate the WB and see if they can make them eat their own words. I dont know, kust thought it would be cool to look into…

The avatar I mentioned drawn by the lovely Jenn!


12 thoughts on “Distraction Dinsdag – Books!!!…

    1. I think this is a series mainly focused on him. His origins perhaps and how he went from just a good old doctor to a crazy scientist mingling dna of the different legions astartes as well as alien all in the ploy to create the Perfect warriors, as the Emperor’s Children’s gimmick is that they always strove to be perfect in everything, having been influenced by Chaos that perfection turns a little bad…

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  1. You can never have too many books right? Some good picks there, I think you’ll enjoy the Bile series – I’ve read the first two and they were great fun. Bile is just such a compelling anti-hero!

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