Zombies: A record of the Year of Infection: Field Notes by Dr. Robert Twombly – Don Roff


Published: 1 October 2009
Publisher: Chronical Books
Pages: 144
Series: N/A
Format Read: Audible


The year is 2012, and what starts as a pervasive and inexplicable illness ends up as a zombie infestation that devastates the world’s population. Taking the form of a biologist’s illustrated journal found in the aftermath of the attack, this pulse-pounding, suspenseful tale of zombie apocalypse follows the narrator as he flees from city to countryside and heads north to Canada, wherehe hopesthe undead will be slowed by the colder climate. Encountering scattered humans and scores of the infected along the way, he fills his notebook with graphic drawings of the zombies and careful observations of their behavior, along with terrifying tales of survival. This frightening new contribution to the massively popular zombie resurgence will keep fans on the edge of their seats right up to the very end.


At the beginning of the year I was on quite a roll regarding reading. While I have not really been on a slump of sorts regarding reading, I have not really put a lot of time into reviewing. Frankly it takes up a lot of time and I am not completely at ease in doing mini reviews as of yet. That brings me to this review. For a book that was only 144 pages, what makes me decide on giving this a full review and not just saying “it was great” and moving on? Well, I guess because I liked it enough to write a little about it?

I was not aware that the physical copy of Zombies also came with artwork. This novella read as dairy of the scientist Robert. I really liked the descriptions that was mentioned and would have loved to see the dr’s drawings in this book. The fact that this book might have followed all the tropes directly involved with any zombie outbreak, it still felt fresh. For a book that came out in 2009 this still felt genuine and I was engaged in it from start to finish and the fact that this was on Audible for free really knocked me in a great way. I am sure this was one of those right book at the right time momemts, I’ve not had that in a while.

This story did not divulge as to where exactly the zombies came from, this was more a scientist’s observations as he went along. The book also did have that “found footage” feel to it as it ubruptly ends with no explaination apart from the the writer possibly wanting the reader to imagine it. When the scientist eventually finds some sort of refuge and gradually feels a bit safer, we all know that is never the case in any zombie apocalypse. I think this short book made good use of that. I wanted to read more on it but I was also happy by the end of it.

I gave Zombies a 4 out of 5 on GR. Easily recommended to any one up for a quick zombie read. I’d urge interested parties to try track down the physical though, as the pictures I have managed to find on the Web looks pretty damn fine.

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13 thoughts on “Zombies: A record of the Year of Infection: Field Notes by Dr. Robert Twombly – Don Roff

  1. Hmm interesting. I’m taking a guess and say that this was heavily influenced by World War Z by Max Brooks. That came out in 2006, a few years before this one, and caused a stir of publications that tried to do something similar.

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    1. Might be, ive not read the Brooks series yet, but at some point vampire and zombies became a very popular genre to write in. I wonder if The Walking Dead series was already in publication by then.

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      1. Yeah that is an interesting question about The Walking Dead. I’m not sure. World War Z is really worth reading by the way if you like this. People tried to write similar book afterwards, with a vampire apocalypse and a robot apocalypse, but none of those were of the same quality.

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      2. I was of the few that seemed tolike the original world war z film. I might track the books down some time. At the moment still have to start my walking dead series. Need some inspiration for my own shitty novella🙂


      3. Ive had an idea for one for a few years that i am struggling to put together. Bit of a joke more like but i thought it was a good idea at the time


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