Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods – David Guymer


Published: 16 Feb 2019
Publisher: Black Library
Pages: 400
Series: Stand Alone
Format Read: Audible


Throughout the Realmgate Wars, Sigmar’s centuries long crusade against Chaos in the Mortal Realms, there has never been a hero like Hamilcar Bear-Eater, famed Lord Castellant of the Astral Templars. Would Gardus have charged headlong into the stronghold of Uxor Untamed with a mere handful of warrior at his back? Would Vandus have had the foresight or magnetism to drink himself euphoric, start a war with the Skarabrak lodge, and then wake come morning to a sore head and fifty thousand moonclan berserkers avowed to Sigmar’s cause? No. Only Hamilcar. But when an ancient skaven warlock with a thirst for godhood turns his attention towards Hamilcar’s divine soul, the Bear-Eater knows he will have to call upon his martial prowess and uncanny wits just to survive. Because his next death could be his last.


Hamilcar was one of the first NetGalley books ever I got from the site. While I was never ready to go into Age of Sigmar, I have dabbled a bit since then and come to the conclusion that if I treat it as any Old World Warhaamer novel all should be fine. While 40K is the sci-fi side of Black Library, Old World used to be the sword and sorcery part. I loved Old World WH, but then it “got destroyed” in an event that I am bound to get too some time, first I need to read up on a few other events. For now I a, just happy I got through Hamilcar and actually quite enjoyed it.

The one thing I do not get yet is the whole “where do all these new names for different infantry units come from”. What books are needed to be read to grasp that aspect from Sigmar’s army? I can tell you now that it aint in the Sacrosanct “Start Here” book that I have been slogging through the last six months…

Hamilcar at least kept it simple. He used to be a man, he died and Sigmar managed to deem his soul worthe and reforged him to become a Lord Celestant or something. Being a warrior made this way makes you a champion of a god at least. Reforging can happen any number of times when you die, depending on the fact that the Duarden Smiths manages to catch your soul in time. Hamilcar’s simplification at least cleared that bit up for me. Hamilcar himself is quite the character too. Normally, from what I read of Sigmars many units, they all seemed a but uptight and holier than thou, but Hamilcar was this overly bombastic figure. Larger than life and proud of it to a point as to be obnoxious, yet you cannot help but like the guy. He reminded me of an old friend and I thank Guymer for that. Thank you for finally easing me into Age of Sigmar.

What the main story was about to me was a semi immortal person found out that he could actually die if he did not start being careful. That at the hands of a Skaven as well! I enjoyed having the skaven along for the ride, the blighters are inherently evil, yet not always 100% all there. Was nice to include familiar territory in a new setting for me personally.

I ended up giving Hamlcar a 4 out of 5 on GR. I am glad I finally finished it as I DNF’d it back in 2019. I’d also like to thank Black Library and NetGalley for giving me a chance to read this ARC, even if its 5 years after it’s already been published. For recommendations I would urge you to read Swords and Spectres’s review on this novel. I saved his review when it went up in 2019 and promised I’d give it a read when I got round to finally reading the book myself. Happy I had him encouraging me to push through it so many years ago.

11 thoughts on “Hamilcar: Champion of the Gods – David Guymer

    1. Thats kinda the schpiel with Age of Sigmar. Something happened and he started highjacking souls from Nagash’s realm of death in order to face off against the new threat that is whatever it is in Age of sigmar. Normal humans do not suffice like they did in Old World. Was a hard pill to swallow. Although some of the better AoS novels I have read did have normal humans in them. I guess it differs again from author to author, very much like the Spehs Marines.

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