Web of Spiderman Annual


The Very compressed Blurp:

Spidey has kayoed kingpins of crime, mopped up mobsters and gotten J. Jonah Jameson’s goat countless times. but now he faces his greatest challenge of all when he must stop a young, crippled, science whiz-kid from becoming the next mastermind of crime!


This was a longer comic than the previous few issues, we got introduced to characters I’ve never heard of and will probably not hear of again any time soon. Spidey has another bad person with convictions of being a victim that makes him believe he should stand up for himself, even if it means having a kid design him a Wish version Iron Man suit and convincing the kid it was for some scholarship or a spot in some dream the kid had. What was cool with comics back in the day was how easy things got resolved. Parker happened to have a talk with the kid earlier in the story and just because of that he sorta knew whose tech was used in the suit and how to track it down. What I was not ready for was a somewhat deranged villian that thught it was cool to sling one liners from old Popculture references, most of which I knew, yeah I am that old… The SpiderMan one liner of webbing the villian with a Face hugger, obviously from the Alien movie was probably my highlight for this comic. The villians quips, not so much…

What I liked about this issue was the fact that Fantastic 4, Hulk and Iron Man were already established characters and therefore could be referenced in the story, the fact that Spiderman lowballed “have you heard what happened to Reed Richard’s daughter” was a clever way of catching the crook seeing as Reed never had a daughter, that I know of yet. For the rest of the comic I was not particularly “wowed”. Spiderman caught another baddy, jey…

The oddest thing about this comic was that the kid was somehow in love with a woman that he had conversations with through the very thin wall. How creepy was it that the woman made the effort to actually loosen a brick so they could hold hands through the wall? Why not just fucken walk out of your apartment and knock on the front door like a normal person? Also by the end of the comic, kid gets his date with the woman and I do not know but a door with a shining neon heard as the last panel makes me believe they did more than just kiss on the first date… Propper weird one this was…

Stooge might have said as much in his review but we will be taking a short break to re think our strategy regarding Spiderman and his web. I am happy to continue, but I do need some more action orientated stuff happening. I would also urge, if you have not already, go check out Stooge’s thoughts on this issue. I have been very lucky to have him on for the ride this far. Link for his reviews can be found Here.

Thank you for your time.


3 thoughts on “Web of Spiderman Annual

  1. I’m glad you got the movie references. I could tell they were referencing movies, but with my lack of watching a lot, or remembering a lot even when I have watched something, the villains one liners went right over my head.

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