Long story short, I got three more books for my running collection of 40K Legends collection before the start of last weekend. I got them in just as Milou and I were leaving to visit the in-laws so I never got to posting about it. It is also the reason behind the fact there was […]

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So Milou and I just came back from a little two day trip from Rotterdam where we went to go see the British comedian Russel Howard live. The show itself was quite a scream, my cheeks were slightly hurting by the end of the show from the laughing. Milou and I also went to Amsterdam […]

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A Dredd-full haul…

It’s been about a week since my last post and even though I said I wanted to try post more often, work just takes up so much time and energy at the moment… To make up for it and in now way to put more pressure on myself, I went and requested two more books […]

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Six on Sunday

Ah, don’t you just love it how things come together? While I know I have probably posted more book hauls than book reviews, I cannot say that I regret it at all. Yesterday Ebay seller Phill’s package reached me all in good order. Again Pill was kind enough to send me another extra freebie. I […]

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A few new things…

Two weekends ago, for an early Valentine’s, Milou and I visited a town/city called Groningen. Last year Milou gave me a pair of hiking boots and a book that takes you on city and nature walks through a few places over here and in most cases you will either pass by or end your walk […]

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