Blessed be the Omnissiah!

Soooo…. A few weeks ago I posted about four books that swelled my personal Black Library and today I have another to add to that pile…. Behold! Fear to tread is book 21 in the ongoing Horus Heresy series. It will be featuring the Blood Angels that I have not read anything about in my […]

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Incoming Heresy…

Soooo… Not even talking about my long list of TBR books I have waiting on me on NetGalley, I got some physical books in today… Thing is, it was all for free basically hahahaha! How did this happen you might wonder. Well, after my three year trek at the Zoo I worked I got a […]

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A Few New Books…

Recently I finished two NetGalley titles and thought I had earned the right to do some more requests. What great timing I chose as there were quite a few books to choose from. No Warhammer this time (thank the Omnissiah), but surely things that cater to my interests. So far I received two graphic novels: […]

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Some More New Things…

Just the other day I was saying how lucky I was that Black Library have been keeping quiet over on NEt Galley, yet to my amazement last week, when browsing some comic I noticed there were quite a few new books added. Out of the five or so available for request I picked two… A […]

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This Just In

Even though my blog  seems to be a little quieter these past couple of months, it does not mean there´s nothing going on behind the scenes. I have been hard at work getting settled in the new tempo as I am getting used to working again. So far it has been going well. It is […]

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Net Galley Hits

While it might not be a secret that I have hit pretty great Net Galley titles in the last three years since I started using the service something else pretty neat has happened in the last few months. Many of you might have seen my review of a book Milou and I reviewed as part […]

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Addressing a Small Error…

In last week’s post A new Series Starts Here… I stated that Milou traded in my Metro series for a Gene Wolfe book, I was in error of saying so as Milou merely walked on that trip and picked a book out for me. Later in the week she went for another walk and actually traded […]

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A new Series Starts Here…

As some of you may remember, in my Reading Resolutions posts at the start of the year I talked about trying to finish up a series before taking any thing new on. Since I finished my Metro trilogy in January I thought I did well in completing that, even if the book was not that […]

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