A Few New Things…

Seeing as it was my Birthday and we never really celebrated Christmas with my whole in-law family last year, that does not mean I did not get any nice presents before the year closed off. I got some pretty neat things that I am very grateful for. I never showed them of on here as […]

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Some New NG Titles…

So… Black Library have given in after nearly two months of being nigh inactive on Net Galley, I almost thought I was the cause of it all as I am, at the time of writing this post, 23 books behind. Behind in the sense that I received quite a few books last year as well […]

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The Heresy Grows…

I have been fortunate enough to have been given a few new books thanks to Black Library and Net Galley. Even though my back log of books for review far exceeds the amount of reading I can pull of in a short time, I still requested as I just cannot seem to be able to […]

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This Just In…

As you are reading this you would be glad to know that I am currently on my second consecutive “off” day, meaning that I have a few free days. Tomorrow will be my last before I have to work quite a bit again. We have about two weeks left till the season starts quieting down […]

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Branching Out, Slowly…

Soooo, I have not been doing great in the reading department this month. The reasons for this has mostly to do with how busy our work schedules have been since the zoo opened again around mid May. Milou and I are basically working as much as we possibly can to try and save some money […]

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Three New NG Additions

Hi Everyone, Hope you all are having a good Sunday. I am sorry I have not posted since last Monday, but I have been a bit caught up with returning to work. In the coming week I am working every day up until Saturday so I doubt my blog is going to be active during […]

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