Blue October…

I have hit a reading slum of note lately, I have all these cool ideas, yet have very little time to get to actually sitting down and typing out/working on posts. I have been meaning to get further with my Distraction Dinsdag posts, but have been distracted by doing that thanks to work. I am […]

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Recent Netgally Success

What, whaaaat! Dave is in the house ya’ll! (Dave is in the housešŸŽ¤) Seeing as I have had some hiccups with my luggage on my move to The Netherlands on Monday. I decided to do some NG surfing. I have been granted permission for 3 books (Dave is in the housešŸŽ¤)! All three E-ARCs are […]

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Emperor Preserve me…

For those of you who are new to this blog, I started it of last year in an attempt to convince a friend that the Warhammer universe was an OK place to traverse. I have failed in that aspect, but will not be giving up anytime soon. For those of you who do not know […]

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