A Long Overdue DNF

Published: 27 October 2018 Publisher: Black Library Pages: 528 Format Read: Physical Owned Blurp: Within this book you will find Sacrosanct, a fantastic new novella from C L Werner… A restless menace threatens the town of Wyrmditt. Stirred from his grave by fell magic, Sabrodt, the Shrouded King, seeks dominion over the kingdom he failed […]

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Dawn of Dreams – Brownwyn LeRoux

Published: 4 Febuary 2017 Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform? Pages: 228 Series: Destiny Book 1 Format Read: Kindle Blurp: Lost family heirlooms. Sinister mutants. An ancient book hiding legendary secrets. Such mystical things should not exist in the futuristic world of 2073.Jaden and Kayla, two strangers, are blissfully unaware their world is about to […]

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