January 2020 Recap

Seeing as January is almost over I thought I would take a quick glimpse back at my month. I know reading wise I was not very active and I can not blame it on work this time as January was a month in which I had a lot of free days, as it is winter […]

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December 2019 Recap

Here we are folks. The second last day of 2019. I had some free time on my hands to give you all a glimpse into what my blog was up to in this month that sped by with no brakes in mind. December is the month that Milou and I worked at completely different time […]

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November 2019 Recap

Hi Everyone, November for me has been an odd month. I had a lot of free time, yet I did not get as much reading done as I would have liked. I am in no way going through a slump of any kind, I just did not focus on reading a lot for some reason. […]

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October 2019- Recap

Hi Everyone, Can you believe October is over? Where is the time flying too? October was a very uneventfull month on my blog… Metal Mondays: Getting to my posts in October, I swear, it is not like I plan my days when I do posts, apart from Metal Mondays that have been my only semi […]

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September 2019 Recap

Guys, I can’t believe we are in October already again. Is this year flying past/going downhill too fast or is it just me? September was the month Milou and I decided to go on a small break. It stretched from the 7th to the 15th and it was a well needed rest period seeing as […]

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August Recap

I am aware that September has been in full swing as today is the 5th already, but we had some technical difficulties as of the start op this month. Main difficulty being that Milou’s pc keyboard has packed up. This is sad, but for the time being we are making it work as best we […]

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July 2019 Wrap Up

July was an odd month for me. I somehow just could not concentrate on reading physical books so I reverted to audio. That worked out better than I thought it would go. In total I “read” seven books, three of which were comics that I did not have a lot of positive things to say […]

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