June 2022 Recap

So June was as quiet here as May was but a lot happened and did not happen. I got my Dutch Passport finally at the start of the Month, Milou had her birthday, we did a trip to London as a double celebration, we also spent a weekend with the in-laws, all this while I […]

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May 2022 Recap

I know I said in April my blog was a bit quiet, but damn dude, this May was even worse. Does it feel at times that I lost the ability to blog? Yeah some times… Is this due to work being super draining? I think it is. Are there other things that keep me from […]

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April 2022 Recap

What a weird month this has been. While April started with people just realising that the lockdown regulations have all but been forgotten and spring was sort of just starting, but 1 April for me started with snow coming in from no where. I can sort of remember wanting to go to work in shorts […]

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March 2022 Recap

I know I keep saying this at the end of each month, but I am going to keep on doing so. Where has the month gone??? March has been one of the busiest months so far with quite a lot of goings ons in our personal lives. On the 16th Milou and I celebrated our […]

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February 2022 Recap

Just like that February came and gone. It seems that the world has also further lost it´s shit and this just after we finally came out of lock down this past Friday after what felt like forever. Two weeks ago we also suffered what were the after effects of all the storms that ran amok […]

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January 2022 Recap

And so our first month of 2022 has seen it’s ass without a mirror. While the other 2 years we have spent January in lock down, this year was already way more special fot the fact that I tested positive for the shitty virus. While I thought I had the same flue as I had […]

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December 2021 Recap

Wow we are in the new year already? That went rather quick. I was not able to be as active as I wanted to be here on WP the month past, but I had a few things keeping me away from blogging. 1 Being the lack of books finished during the month. As I say […]

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November 2021 Recap

I can´t believe November is over. I had many plans for this month, and only got to half of what I planned for the month. Things have been picking up at work and certain life events have taken me away from blogging for the past week. I guess I’ll try to touch down on those […]

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September 2021 Recap

Well folks, September is nearly done with and I am ashamed to say that half of the posts I had planned for this month never happened, nor will they probably see the light of day. I do not even know if yet if I am going to be able to post anything during October apart […]

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August 2021 Recap

It is extremely difficult to understand just how quick this month has flown by. August started and then just fucked off all of a sudden. While I am somewhat still falling around at the new place where I work in the sence of where I exactly fit in, I have found it quite a weird […]

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