May Reading Plans…

As I have said in my OH My, Its May Already??? post that I have an ambitious amount of reading to do. In May I will be attempting to read at least three full length novels. I am about 200 pages from finishing my current book: This is book three in the Horus Heresy series. I decided […]

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Today My Blog Turns 2!!!

What better way than getting your two favorite friends, Gotrek and Felix to come set yor candles alight. I think that axe in Gotrek’s hands might be a bit much for cutting the imaginary cake… Wow Guys, I have been blogging now for a whole two years. Can you believe that? I sure as hell […]

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Its already been a YEAR???!!!

For those of you who do not know the details. Milou and I have just celebrated our one year wedding anniversary. I find it hard to believe that its been that long, because it feels like yesterday that we were still stressing about getting everything sorted for the BIG Day. If you want to have […]

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March Reading Plans

After my¬†post¬†yesterday, I have sat down to think about what books I will try get through during this month. Some books I have started a while ago and would like to try get finished, or at least get closer to the endings. I am also going to be doing a buddy read by a fellow […]

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POST #200!!!

Since this is not actualy my 200th post anymore, lets just pretend it is… You read it right folks! This is my 200th post for this here small little hobby I started almost 2 years ago. I say almost 2 years because Wordaholicanonymous will only be 2 in April. For those that missed the first […]

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