What even is Wordaholicanonymous?

Today marks a small milestone for my blog. In April of this year it will be turning six years old. I have been chipping away at giving people my thoughts on things, mainly metal and book related for 6 years, but this post is not about that. This post is to boast about the fact […]

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November 2022 Update

Well folks, its safe to say that you did not miss out on anything this past month. I have not posted anything apart from a few Metal Monday’s. My reason for not posting anything else is simple, I read nothing, I wrote nothing and up until this past weekend I did not buy or get […]

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A Humble Thank You

Last week I got a notification that I had reached 500 followers. First off, I know it does not mean a lot. Not a lot has changed on my blog. I still average 10 to 12 likes per post that I do. It´s not like I am al of a sudden rolling or crushed by […]

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Help a Brother Out?

While I am not one one that does this kind of thing normally I come today to ask 5 minutes of your time. Knowing how busy everyone is and regarding the corona times we are all living in I also understand it may be a lot to ask, but even one share can help maybe… […]

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