Branching Out, Slowly…

Soooo, I have not been doing great in the reading department this month. The reasons for this has mostly to do with how busy our work schedules have been since the zoo opened again around mid May. Milou and I are basically working as much as we possibly can to try and save some money […]

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8 Years…

Today 8 years ago I met Milou. We knew next to nothing about one another. She was still a student on an adventure to S.A and I was a miserable bitter person dealing with the hardships that is deemed normal. Milou has been the one constant that has managed to hold me together. The person […]

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Update 25-4-2020

Hi Everyone, Just thought I would come in and check up on you all. I have not been as active on my blog or any of yours in the last month or so as we all deal with this pandemic in our own way. Last time I talked a bit about how things are with […]

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Eh erm… Hello…

Salty here, coming to you seeing as Dave decided to quit the blog for a month and ffffff- fly right off into the summer time. Leaving my Salty ass back here in the cold of the European Winter. I envy that guy so much right now I thought I would tell you a little joke… […]

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2019 A Look Back

Hi Everyone, I know I have done a bookish post looking into my reads of 2019, but I would like to do the same regarding certain personal highlights for me that happened during the year that passed. It was a very eventful year for Milou and I… June marked my first year of living together […]

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Happy Halloween, Again…

This post is a day late, but I decided to do my Recap post yesterday as I had not written this one up by then yet… For those people that were not around during last year’s celebration of Milou and my own little two person party I will show of the carvings we made as […]

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Hello Everyone, I have been of the WP grid for a few days now and that has been all due to some heavy work days. I have not been able to check in on every one’s posts and I am not sure if it will be possible to do so in the next two days. […]

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