December 2021 Reading Plans

Today´s list is pretty easy to compile seeing as I only took one book of my reading plans list last month. I wont be listing all the books again. I will, however, set the record straight regarding one error I made on that list. Some how I got my sequence wrong within the Horus Heresy and […]

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Reading Plans November 2021

Short post today… In keeping with what I said yesterday with Halloween themed Metal, I am also doing a few Horror reads this month. Purely because I skipped October. Here is what I have in mind: Currently Reading:  What is said to be Fehervari’s third book in his Dark Coil series. This novel has been […]

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Reading Plans October 2021

I know I said I was not planning on reading in October yesterday, but today at work I kept thinking that maybe I should elaborate a small bit on the WHY. I am writing my theory exam for the Dutch driver´s license at the end of October. I attempted it last year and failed by […]

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Reading Plans August 2021

Just a short post to show what you can expect to see reviewed here this coming August. As I will be free on weekends, I´ll be trying to get more page time in, do not see that as a promise though as I know I´ll probably get distracted with other stuff. But these are the […]

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July 2021 Reading Plans

Today’s post is a little late but it is up at least. Just a short look into what I have in my sights for reading. July is going to be  busy month for me as I am going to stop working at the zoo round the 25th and then keep working Mondays’s to Friday’s at […]

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June 2021 Reading Plans

A short post today. Seeing as I only finished one book from my Reading Plans last month, I will be recycling that exact list and add a few too it… June is season month here by us and in between switching from one job to the other is turning into a bit of a tricky […]

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May 2021 Reading Plans

While I did great in April reading wise, I do not know if I will be equally good in May. It is starting to get into the season where the sun comes out more often, but not all that often here in The Netherlands. The company where I work has been gathering steam and there […]

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April 2021 Reading Plans

Just a small post to look at what you all can expect to see on the reviews front, if I manage to read anything this month. I just got of from my fourth shift at the new job and I am feeling a bit fragile and broken and sore in places I have never known […]

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March 2020 Reading Plans

Seeing as we are still locked down till 15 March I have set myself a small challenge for the coming two weeks and the rest of the month as I am sure we will probably not being going back to work before maybe mid April if we are lucky. I am not putting too much […]

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