October 2022 Reading Plans

Books to be reviewed still: Thought I would include this as a new part of my Reading Plans, so people can see what they can dread/look forward to reading about in the coming month. Quite a variety to come still… Currently Reading: In the miniature painting part of the blogosphere October we have Orktober, where different […]

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Reading Plans June 2022

I have quite a lot going on this month, so will not be planning on reading a lot of books. Seeing as I still have about four reviews to write that might give me a breather to catch up. I have started two short story anthologies recently and will be happy if I manage to […]

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May 2022 Reading Plans

Being in May, means, as I have heard from our teamleader at work, that we are just about halfway over the peak season before it will start to quiet down a little bit. I have to say that I feel the crunch at the moment with people sending stuff back or the couriers screwing up […]

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April 2022 Reading Plans

April is upon us and I have already started a few things as well as been stuck with the same book for nearly 3 months. I hope to finish that one today. Starting this April I am in the process of doing a read along with three fellow bloggers. More on that below… I am […]

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March 2022 Reading Plans

March so  far looks like it is going to be a busy month so I will not try to set myself up for failure too much. I have enough books that went un-reviewed last month to make March look like I read a fuck tonne. I am currently finding it difficult to concentrate on the […]

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December 2021 Reading Plans

Today´s list is pretty easy to compile seeing as I only took one book of my reading plans list last month. I wont be listing all the books again. I will, however, set the record straight regarding one error I made on that list. Some how I got my sequence wrong within the Horus Heresy and […]

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Reading Plans November 2021

Short post today… In keeping with what I said yesterday with Halloween themed Metal, I am also doing a few Horror reads this month. Purely because I skipped October. Here is what I have in mind: Currently Reading:  What is said to be Fehervari’s third book in his Dark Coil series. This novel has been […]

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