March 2023 Reading Plans

Holy moley, we are in March already???? Yeah, just looked at the clock on the pc and it says we are in March already… For this coming March I have quite a bit of reading planned out already, if I am going to be successful in getting it all done, I am not so sure. […]

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February 2023 Reading Plans

February is in full swing and I have been stuck with a book from last month that I just cannot finnish, reading is slow going and I do not know why. Perhaps we wil be seeing Salty return soon… Here is what I am looking at reading this month. Currently Reading: While I was pretty […]

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January 2022 Reading Plans

January is already well underway and with it brings the possibilty of reading. Here is a look at what is on my radar for the coming month. Currently Reading: Book 25 in the ongoing buddy read with Jenn. This book has been a slog, but I manage to finally finish it yesterday. I have told Jenn […]

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October 2022 Reading Plans

Books to be reviewed still: Thought I would include this as a new part of my Reading Plans, so people can see what they can dread/look forward to reading about in the coming month. Quite a variety to come still… Currently Reading: In the miniature painting part of the blogosphere October we have Orktober, where different […]

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Reading Plans June 2022

I have quite a lot going on this month, so will not be planning on reading a lot of books. Seeing as I still have about four reviews to write that might give me a breather to catch up. I have started two short story anthologies recently and will be happy if I manage to […]

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May 2022 Reading Plans

Being in May, means, as I have heard from our teamleader at work, that we are just about halfway over the peak season before it will start to quiet down a little bit. I have to say that I feel the crunch at the moment with people sending stuff back or the couriers screwing up […]

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April 2022 Reading Plans

April is upon us and I have already started a few things as well as been stuck with the same book for nearly 3 months. I hope to finish that one today. Starting this April I am in the process of doing a read along with three fellow bloggers. More on that below… I am […]

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March 2022 Reading Plans

March so  far looks like it is going to be a busy month so I will not try to set myself up for failure too much. I have enough books that went un-reviewed last month to make March look like I read a fuck tonne. I am currently finding it difficult to concentrate on the […]

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