The Reverie – Peter Fehervari

Published: 30 October 2020Publisher: Black LibraryPages: 384Series: Warhammer HorrorFormat Read: Audible & KindleDuration: 9h 41mins Blurp: Three travellers are drawn into the conspiracy that wards the wound – a knight haunted by his lost humanity, an aging poet who refuses to go gently into the night and a scholar who yearns to redeem mankind. All […]

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Alien: Into Charybdis- Alex White

Published: 23 February 2021 Publisher: Titan Books Pages: 304 Series: Stand Alone Format Read: Audible Duration: 13h 13mins Blurp: “Shy” Hunt and the tech team from McAllen Integrations thought they’d have an easy job – set up environmental systems for the brand new Hasanova Data Solutions colony, built on the abandoned ruins of a complex […]

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Kill Baxter – Charlie Human

Published:  17 July 2014Publisher: CenturyPages: 304Series: Apocalypse Now Now #2Format Read: AudibileDuration: 11hours Blurp: The world has been massively unappreciative of sixteen-year-old Baxter Zevcenko. His bloodline may be a combination of ancient Boer mystic and giant shape-shifting crow, and he may have won an inter-dimensional battle and saved the world, but does anyone care? No. […]

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Aliens: Infiltrator – Weston Ochse

Published: 20 April 2021Publisher: Titan BooksPages: 336Series: Stand AloneFormat Read: Net Galley Shelf App + AudibleDuration: 9h 8mins Blurp: The official prequel to the huge new Alien video game from Cold Iron Studios, as a Weyland-Yutani scientist arrives at Pala Station and finds the researchers there courting disaster… of the Xenomorph kind. Dr. Timothy Hoenikker […]

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Day Zero – C. Robert Cargill

Published: 25 May 2021Publisher: Harper Voyager Pages: 448Series: Stand AloneFormat Read: AudibleDuration: 8 h 10 mins Blurp: It was a day like any other. Except it was our last . . . It’s on this day that Pounce discovers that he is, in fact, disposable. Pounce, a styilsh “nannybot” fashioned in the shape of a plush […]

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Mysterious Island – Jules Verne

Published: 1865Publisher: I am not sure…Pages: 723Series: Captain Nemo # 2Format Read: AudibleDuration: 19h 13mins Blurp: After hijacking a balloon from a Confederate camp, a band of five northern prisoners escapes the American Civil War. Seven thousand miles later, they drop from the clouds onto an uncharted volcanic island in the Pacific. Through teamwork, scientific […]

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D´Arc – Robert Repino

Published: 9 May 2017Publisher: Soho PressPages: 386Series: War with No Name #2Format Read: AudibleDuration: 11h 5mins Blurp: In the aftermath of the War With No Name, the Colony has been defeated, its queen lies dead, and the world left behind will never be the same. In her madness, the queen used a strange technology to […]

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Prospero Burns – Dan Abnett

Published: 6 January 2011Publisher: Black LibraryPages: 444Series: Horus Heresy #15Format Read: Physical Copy Blurp: The Emperor is enraged. Primarch Magnus the Red of the Thousand Sons Legion has made a terrible mistake that endangers the very safety of Terra. With no other choice, the Emperor charges Leman Russ, Primarch of the Space Wolves, with the […]

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