A little look at what is going on in my life…

Since our wedding in March, neither Milou nor I have really spoken about what has happened up until now. Milou did do a post last week that hinted at developments. First let me say that I returned to South Africa after only spending two weeks with my wife as a newly wedded couple. It sucked […]

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One step closer Update!!!

Good day everyone, I know I know, I missed another WeWo yesterday… I have a very good reason for it tho. Monday I left for Cape Town to go and help my older brother with getting his visa ready. He and my mom will be flying over in March for Milou @simplyabookdrunkardblog and my wedding. […]

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Lordess of The Rings…

Today on this 5th of November (the only way I will always remember remember) we celebrate our first official anniversary. I thought it would be a nice thing to let the readers know of our next step towards our wedding day. We will be marching to our heartbeats on the 16th of March 2018. If […]

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Happy Halloween! šŸ‘»

I stole the pic of the carved pumpkin from my fianceĆ© due to me never ever having carved a thingy (we as South Africans do not realy celebrate this day…). The picture of Death was taken at the Harry Potter expo we went to earlier this year. Quite glad it came out pretty well! Like […]

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