WeWo- Ode to Silence

Welcome to May every body! Today on WeWo I would like to share a poem I wrote in an attempt to personify Silence. I went through a time where I tried to draw inspiration from abstract words/feelings. I can’t say this poem was any good, but when the words came I was fortunate enough to […]

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Wednesday Wordsday- Gypsie

Welcome to the very last April Fools inspired poem by yours truely. I wrote this after seeing some music video about a seance gone a bit wrong. I won’t be linking the video just yet, this isn’t Metal Monday after all haha…( For those interessted, check out coming Monday🤘🏻) Apart from the music video, this […]

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WeWo- Lollipop

Welcome to another WeWo. We continue today with another poem I put towards April Fool’s. This one is not about a jester or fool. It is one written more for a friend I saw being taken advantage of (making him a fool then it seems). This is quite an old poem of mine so bare […]

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WeWo- Joker

Welcome to another WeWo. We continue my attempt at sharing some poetry I wrote that were Inspired by April Fool’s. This one named Joker because I had no better name for it at the time. My WeWo don’t seem to do too well these days, but I will continue with it because this is my […]

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WeWo- Aprilla

Aaah, Wednesday Wordsday, I have been waiting for April for quite some time to share a few poems. Loooong time ago I was driving quite a long while. I was listening to a lot of In Flames (there will be a few songs this month regarding Jester themed metal…) and I had an idea to […]

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WeWo- Its been a while

As I stated on Monday, here is the poem I wrote when I heard Staind for the first time. I guess I went through some crap I did’nt know how to deal with, but writing always made me feel better. I was hoping, one day, that maybe I would be able to bring out a […]

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WeWo- For You

Hello everyone! Yes, I made it safe to The Netherlands. No, it did not take me a week to do so (although the trip felt like a year), I have been a bit busy since I touched down. The missus and I have been getting things in order for us to move into our flat. […]

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WeWo – Page

Hello and welcome to another instalment of Wednesday Wordsday, where I share a poem or poetry attempt from back  in the day when I still wrote often. I would like to write more instead of less everyday, but it seems the creative mojo has all dried up… Today I share a poem that I wrote […]

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WeWo- She

Good day everyone, my Wednesday Wordsday is a bit late today, due to the fact that I have just gotten back from my shift. I have been working since the start of December at a beach bar called The Sea Shack. I’ve been dealing with a looooot of drunken people, old, young, under aged/taking chances […]

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