WeWo- Bark Butcher

Welcome to another instalment of Wednesday Wordsday, it is a weekly meme I use where I share some poetry with the world. It wont always be good. Some of these poems were written in a completely different era and mindset, I have recently (in the last five years or so) been going through quite a […]

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WeWo- Fateless?

Welcome to Wednesday Wordsday, it’s a weekly meme where I share some of my poetry attempts. Feel free to comment or leave a like. In the past I used to write quite a lot, you know, “the formative years🙄”. We all deal with some pretty messed up things somewhere in life. Fateless? saw me, or […]

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Wednesday Wordsday-Mirror

I see them broken, so many times, my vision open. I get broken too some times. See them looking at me and I am there looking back, trying to comfort with my knowing stare but I am silent, comforting words I lack. But they see I am there. I peer into their souls. I judge […]

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Wednesday Wordsday-Lure

Through the millions of thoughts I’ve rummaged I still fail to find the words or simple utterances that can bind my feelings for you…. In the murky depths of my subconcious no simple, perverbial fish finds its way to this lure I’ve set out to snare it with. Upon the barren shore of one uninspired: […]

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WeWo -Plot 

Dear All, I might have dropped a few hints about me attempting my hand at poetry every now and then and I would like it to become a stronger force on this blog along with my reviews. Sadly I have had quite the dry spell with my writing these last couple of years. Here is […]

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