Dark Harvest – Josh Reynolds

Published: 30 November 2019 Publisher: Black Library Pages: 304 Series: Stand Alone Format Read: Audible Duration: 11h 29mins Narrator: Jake Urry Blurp: Harran Blackwood was a Warrior-Priest of ruthless virtue. Now he’s a man with a scorched reputation, prowling the back alleys of Greywater Fastness, content to fight the petty wars of racketeers for survival. […]

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A few new BOOKS…

Good day All, Milou and I recently went to Amsterdam to go se the English comedian Bill Bailey, I have been a fan of him ever since I saw the series Black Books. The guy has just got so much stuff to talk about and fight all things negative with his positive comedy. On top […]

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Soul Wars- Josh Reynolds

Published: 30 June 2018 Publisher: Black Library Pages: 320 Series: Age of Sigmar (Unspecified) Format Read: Kindle on I-phone Blurp: It is said that all who live belong ultimately to the Undying King. In the shadowy lands of Shyish, Nagash, God of Death, calls forth his soulless legions to reassert his dominion. His dread advance […]

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May Reading Plans…

As I have said in my OH My, Its May Already??? post that I have an ambitious amount of reading to do. In May I will be attempting to read at least three full length novels. I am about 200 pages from finishing my current book: This is book three in the Horus Heresy series. I decided […]

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