Some 2021 Book Figures

I remember having a lot of fun, but also working on a post like this for way too long last year. This year I will try to keep it short. My info is what I get from Good Reads, its the only place I keep track of what I am reading and I do not […]

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December 2021 Recap

Wow we are in the new year already? That went rather quick. I was not able to be as active as I wanted to be here on WP the month past, but I had a few things keeping me away from blogging. 1 Being the lack of books finished during the month. As I say […]

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I Lied…

So two days ago I said that I had done my last book haul post for the year. I had no idea that I had another surprise waiting in the mail for me… Not only did I receive Jewish Brigade from the People over at Dead Reckoning, but this one as well. Four Fisted Tales […]

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A Humble Thank You

Last week I got a notification that I had reached 500 followers. First off, I know it does not mean a lot. Not a lot has changed on my blog. I still average 10 to 12 likes per post that I do. It´s not like I am al of a sudden rolling or crushed by […]

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November 2021 Recap

I can´t believe November is over. I had many plans for this month, and only got to half of what I planned for the month. Things have been picking up at work and certain life events have taken me away from blogging for the past week. I guess I’ll try to touch down on those […]

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Reading Plans October 2021

I know I said I was not planning on reading in October yesterday, but today at work I kept thinking that maybe I should elaborate a small bit on the WHY. I am writing my theory exam for the Dutch driver´s license at the end of October. I attempted it last year and failed by […]

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