November 2020 Recap

I can not believe today is already the first day of the last month of the year. December is upon us, I turn 35 in 19 days, five days after its Christmas, 6 days after that, the end of what might hands down have been one of the shittiest years of all our lives world […]

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October 2020 Recap

As many of you know my October was a bit busy with preparing for my Driver’s Theory exam, which meant I did not get a lot of reading done. It did not mean I did not put any content up, on the contrary, there were a lot of Aliens reviews that went up. Most of […]

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July 2020 – Recap

Wow, I made it through July in one piece… I do not believe this is going to be a long post seeing as my blog took a bit of a back burner last month due to work and an ever changing work schedule. Season is in high gear and that means I only really have […]

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Branching Out, Slowly…

Soooo, I have not been doing great in the reading department this month. The reasons for this has mostly to do with how busy our work schedules have been since the zoo opened again around mid May. Milou and I are basically working as much as we possibly can to try and save some money […]

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June 2020 Recap

Who can believe we are now exactly halfway through this shit storm that has been 2020? Seriously, I have been feeling that the world has even lost more of it’s marbles than any of the previous ten years before… It is scary. June was a bit of a difficult month for me. We worked quite […]

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May 2020 Recap

Hi Everyone, I thought I’d do this post today as I do not see myself coming up with another review before the month is out. I have returned to work and my reading time has been slashed by quite a lot. I do have a few days off now, so maybe I can make some […]

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Reading Plans – May 2020

As many of you might have seen on yesterday’s post, April did not see me reading many books. Because of that I will not attempt to sell the idea that I am going to read a lot this month. I will, however, talk a little of what I am looking at reading in the coming […]

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April 2020 Recap

I find it hard to believe that April is already over and that I have little to show for it. Since we went into self isolation in the middle of March I have had difficulty into adjusting to our new way of living inside the confines of our own homes. Things have not turned out […]

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