March 2020 Recap

Not much happened on my blog during the March. Although there was a lot of reviews that went up I covered all of that for my February 2020 Recap. What we have left is not all that much. I just finished two books a day or two ago: The Return of Sherlock Holmes – Arthur Doyle […]

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February 2020 Recap

Hi Everyone, So I know March is already quite close to ending, but I wanted to continue my Month in Review posts as I like to do it mainly for myself as a reminder of what that month held. I have also put of from doing it for so long until I had all my […]

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Dawn of Dreams – Brownwyn LeRoux

Published: 4 Febuary 2017 Publisher: Create Space Independent Publishing Platform? Pages: 228 Series: Destiny Book 1 Format Read: Kindle Blurp: Lost family heirlooms. Sinister mutants. An ancient book hiding legendary secrets. Such mystical things should not exist in the futuristic world of 2073.Jaden and Kayla, two strangers, are blissfully unaware their world is about to […]

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Eh erm… Hello…

Salty here, coming to you seeing as Dave decided to quit the blog for a month and ffffff- fly right off into the summer time. Leaving my Salty ass back here in the cold of the European Winter. I envy that guy so much right now I thought I would tell you a little joke… […]

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January 2020 Recap

Seeing as January is almost over I thought I would take a quick glimpse back at my month. I know reading wise I was not very active and I can not blame it on work this time as January was a month in which I had a lot of free days, as it is winter […]

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2019 A Look Back

Hi Everyone, I know I have done a bookish post looking into my reads of 2019, but I would like to do the same regarding certain personal highlights for me that happened during the year that passed. It was a very eventful year for Milou and I… June marked my first year of living together […]

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