Zombies: A record of the Year of Infection: Field Notes by Dr. Robert Twombly – Don Roff

Published: 1 October 2009 Publisher: Chronical Books Pages: 144 Series: N/A Format Read: Audible Blurp: The year is 2012, and what starts as a pervasive and inexplicable illness ends up as a zombie infestation that devastates the world’s population. Taking the form of a biologist’s illustrated journal found in the aftermath of the attack, this […]

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Vulkan Lives – Nick Kyme

Published: 3 December 2013 Publisher: Black Library Pages: 416 Series: Horus Heresy # 26 Format Read: Audible Blurp: In the wake of the Dropsite Massacre at Isstvan V, the survivors of the Salamanders Legion searched long and hard for their fallen primarch, but to no avail. Little did they know that while Vulkan might have […]

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March 2023 Reading Plans

Holy moley, we are in March already???? Yeah, just looked at the clock on the pc and it says we are in March already… For this coming March I have quite a bit of reading planned out already, if I am going to be successful in getting it all done, I am not so sure. […]

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February 2023 Recap

February is already at it’s end and it feels like I have not done a lot to make a comeback completely to WP. In all honesty I can say I have tried my best. WP interactions are at an all time low, but I get that people are just busy in general so will not […]

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A late Valentine’s…

Aaaah, February, the month of love. Since meeting Milou and being able to to live on the same continent as her, we have had a small tradition when it comes to Valentine’s. No, its not that explicit or graphical! We just give each other a book as opposed to Roses or any kind of flower, […]

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Oh no…

As far as one of my personal goals to not buy lots of books in 2023, I have already failed… Two weeks ago I had to go to hospital regarding my skin condition in Utrecht. I know Utrecht pretty well now and happen to know exactly where a Warhammer shop is situated (insert meme with […]

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