I am Legend- Richard Matheson

Published: 1954 Publisher: Corgi Page Total: 192 Series: Format Read: Audible Blurp: Robert Neville is the last living man on Earth… but he is not alone. Every other man, woman and child on the planet has become a vampire, and they are hungry for Neville’s blood. By day he is the hunter, stalking the undead […]

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Army Of Skin- Morgan K. Tanner

Published: 14 January 2019 Publisher: Self Published on Kindle and Paperback Pages: 106 (according to GR) 125 (according to Amazon) Series: Stand Alone (as far as I know…) Format Read: Kindle on I-phone Blurp: After losing his mother to a brain tumour, Trevor King feels totally alone in the world. Someone needs to pay for […]

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New Additions to My TBR…

SOooooooo… I’ve been naughty and over eager again with my NG requests… Three novels and a comic, so much for ”Do NOT ACQUIRE MORE BOOKS!”… What I know about this novel is that it is a re-issue. Set in 40K, but has a Top Gun feel to it I believe. An Adepta Sorroritas novel, I […]

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Alien: Cold Forge- Alex White

Pages: 423 (According to GR) Publication Date: 24 April 2018 Format Read: Audible audio book With the failure of the Hadley’s Hope, Weyland-Yutani has suffered a devastating defeat–the loss of the Aliens. Yet there’s a reason the company rose to the top, and they have a redundancy already in place. Remote station RB-323 abruptly becomes […]

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Monster Hunter Files- Various

Publication Date: October 2017 Page Total: 464 (Paperback according to GR) Format Read: Audio book listened too on  Audible For well over a century, Monster Hunter International has kept the world safe from supernatural threats small and large—and in some cases very, very large. Now, join us as MHI opens their archives for the first […]

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The Empress Supplies…

Hi All, Just a quick little book haul I wanted to show of… The other day I went to Milou’s dad’s dentistry to have my teeth checked out. It is situated inside a hospital. I happened to pass by a bookcase they have there, this bookcase is being run by a non profit organization that […]

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