Reading Plans August 2021

Just a short post to show what you can expect to see reviewed here this coming August. As I will be free on weekends, I´ll be trying to get more page time in, do not see that as a promise though as I know I´ll probably get distracted with other stuff. But these are the […]

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July 2021 Recap

Personal: While July was a pretty busy month for me, I felt that my blog was lagging behind. When I just looked back at my activity I found that had 12 posts go up. Roughly giving me an avarage of 3 posts per week, that is acceptable to me. What happened in my life that […]

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June 2021 Recap

Well June just about flew away with us… What an eventful month this was. Milou having her birthday on the 22nd and us adopting a street cat of about 1 year old. Oi is doing really great. They say love hurts and I guess him making me bleed speaks volumes… He has become a little […]

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Some More New Things…

Just the other day I was saying how lucky I was that Black Library have been keeping quiet over on NEt Galley, yet to my amazement last week, when browsing some comic I noticed there were quite a few new books added. Out of the five or so available for request I picked two… A […]

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May 2021 – Recap

Phew, May is already passed and I feel like my blog particularly stank in the content department, but then I just looked back and saw I did quite a lot of posts in the first week or two of the month, before going semi cold turkey. Five book reviews went up while I completed 7 […]

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