Final Exit – Fear Factory

In memory of Ouma Joyce, after a fierce battle for her life she sadly passed yesterday morning. I will miss you. I will remember the way you were before you got ill, I will cherish the happy memories and good times I had with you. Rest in Peace… Dear readers of this blog, I will […]

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Catching up Round #2

Its not been going well for reviews on my blog so I decided I’d just lump another few books together so that I can be done with them, does not help I write up a whole thing for the way in which I do my normal reviews just for a few sentences. When I say […]

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The End…

My first¬†Incomming! ¬†post went up six years ago. In that post I showcased the first books I ever received through a subscription service. Not many of you knew my blog back then, I never knew that Wordaholicanonymous would be what it is today, still fairly obscure and still very noob like with regards to the […]

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March 2023 Recap

March is over and eventhough I feel like I’ve had a reading slump, GoodReads says otherwise. I am currently on 15 of the planned 30 book goal I set myself for the year. 15 not including the Spiderman comics that I can’t seem to find as individual issues on GR. I read all sorts of […]

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March 2023 Reading Plans

Holy moley, we are in March already???? Yeah, just looked at the clock on the pc and it says we are in March already… For this coming March I have quite a bit of reading planned out already, if I am going to be successful in getting it all done, I am not so sure. […]

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