Eh erm… Hello…

Salty here, coming to you seeing as Dave decided to quit the blog for a month and ffffff- fly right off into the summer time. Leaving my Salty ass back here in the cold of the European Winter. I envy that guy so much right now I thought I would tell you a little joke… […]

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Reading Plans February 2020

My dearest Friends, I have been very vague as to the lead up of this post in recent other posts since December. I have spoken even more vaguely of certain things that will be rectified in due time and things like that in previous posts. Today I can finally share some cool news with you…. […]

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January 2020 Recap

Seeing as January is almost over I thought I would take a quick glimpse back at my month. I know reading wise I was not very active and I can not blame it on work this time as January was a month in which I had a lot of free days, as it is winter […]

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2019 A Look Back

Hi Everyone, I know I have done a bookish post looking into my reads of 2019, but I would like to do the same regarding certain personal highlights for me that happened during the year that passed. It was a very eventful year for Milou and I… June marked my first year of living together […]

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