December 2022 Reading Plans

Seeing as no book s from my previous reading plans of last month were read, I’ll just copy paste that here again… Joke, I’ll try give an update on the reading that I did do. I would like to make some way into the books I am currently reading. If I finish 1 I at […]

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November 2022 Update

Well folks, its safe to say that you did not miss out on anything this past month. I have not posted anything apart from a few Metal Monday’s. My reason for not posting anything else is simple, I read nothing, I wrote nothing and up until this past weekend I did not buy or get […]

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October 2022 Recap

Can you believe it we have only two months to go before this year is out? I can’t… October for Milou and I started with us just recovering from Covid for the second time, we also started October with a two-week holiday. We went to Florence and Pisa in Italy. Both of us still had […]

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1 Book to go…

Following a series of events where I started searching actively on Ebay earlier this year to complete my Warhammer 40K Legends Collection I am happy to report that I am one book away from completing it. Last weekend Milou and I went to Ikea to pick up a new bookcase so I can brag about […]

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September 2022 Recap

And so we are in the last 3 months leading to the end of this year. September saw me come back to blogging after a short hiatus, which I still plan on writing about, but just have not had the time for. I had not had a lot of time for many things it so […]

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Tuesday Top Up

Well now, apart from Distraction Dinsdag posts, I think I might’ve just come up with a new tagline for book hauls… Yes my friends, Dave got even more books in since that post that went up last week… View this post on Instagram A post shared by Dawie (@wordaholicanonymous) First things first. I have had […]

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