Please allow me to introduce to you all my Ouma (for those not versed in Afrikaans ouma is granny or directly translated: old mom), her name is Joyce and I love her a lot. Ouma is like any granny should be and I bet we could get into a fist fight as to whose gran […]

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July 2020 – Recap

Wow, I made it through July in one piece… I do not believe this is going to be a long post seeing as my blog took a bit of a back burner last month due to work and an ever changing work schedule. Season is in high gear and that means I only really have […]

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Branching Out, Slowly…

Soooo, I have not been doing great in the reading department this month. The reasons for this has mostly to do with how busy our work schedules have been since the zoo opened again around mid May. Milou and I are basically working as much as we possibly can to try and save some money […]

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8 Years…

Today 8 years ago I met Milou. We knew next to nothing about one another. She was still a student on an adventure to S.A and I was a miserable bitter person dealing with the hardships that is deemed normal. Milou has been the one constant that has managed to hold me together. The person […]

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WeWo – Ode to Hope

Seeing as my scheduled post for yesterday, failed to launch, let us make believe that today is is still Wednesday… I have not had a WeWo in quite a while so thought I could share another attempted poem I wrote a loooong time ago. WeWo, for those new to my blog is short for Wednesday […]

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Katatonia – July

Hello and welcome to the first Metal Monday for July. I have no idea what to do with MM this month so opted to share an old favorite that I believe has featured every year since I started blogging. I like the song that much… Katatonia is a band that started around the same time […]

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July 2020 Reading Plans

As I stated in my┬áRecap yesterday, June saw me read less of the books I planned to read and more audio books. As a result, two of last month’s books will feature here again this month. I am currently on 20% of this one. It has been slow going as it does not directly start […]

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June 2020 Recap

Who can believe we are now exactly halfway through this shit storm that has been 2020? Seriously, I have been feeling that the world has even lost more of it’s marbles than any of the previous ten years before… It is scary. June was a bit of a difficult month for me. We worked quite […]

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