Some 2021 Book Figures

I remember having a lot of fun, but also working on a post like this for way too long last year. This year I will try to keep it short. My info is what I get from Good Reads, its the only place I keep track of what I am reading and I do not […]

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December 2021 Recap

Wow we are in the new year already? That went rather quick. I was not able to be as active as I wanted to be here on WP the month past, but I had a few things keeping me away from blogging. 1 Being the lack of books finished during the month. As I say […]

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I Lied…

So two days ago I said that I had done my last book haul post for the year. I had no idea that I had another surprise waiting in the mail for me… Not only did I receive Jewish Brigade from the People over at Dead Reckoning, but this one as well. Four Fisted Tales […]

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A Humble Thank You

Last week I got a notification that I had reached 500 followers. First off, I know it does not mean a lot. Not a lot has changed on my blog. I still average 10 to 12 likes per post that I do. It´s not like I am al of a sudden rolling or crushed by […]

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When Christmas comes Early…

Today is the 5th of December. Traditionally in The Netherlands people all round celebrate Sinterklaas. Its been a tradition where their version of Santa comes in from Spain and has little helpers to help hand out presents. That’s more or less the short of it. With your present you also get a poem written by […]

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November 2021 Recap

I can´t believe November is over. I had many plans for this month, and only got to half of what I planned for the month. Things have been picking up at work and certain life events have taken me away from blogging for the past week. I guess I’ll try to touch down on those […]

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