Metal Monday – Blood of Elves – Blind Guardian

Welcome to a new month, a month where I would like to see myself returning to WP in full, even though I have missed out on another week of posting… More on that later… For today I bring a song that is fairly new and kinda coincides with a series I am doing a multiple […]

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May 2022 Recap

I know I said in April my blog was a bit quiet, but damn dude, this May was even worse. Does it feel at times that I lost the ability to blog? Yeah some times… Is this due to work being super draining? I think it is. Are there other things that keep me from […]

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April 2022 Recap

What a weird month this has been. While April started with people just realising that the lockdown regulations have all but been forgotten and spring was sort of just starting, but 1 April for me started with snow coming in from no where. I can sort of remember wanting to go to work in shorts […]

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