2019 A Look Back

Hi Everyone, I know I have done a bookish post looking into my reads of 2019, but I would like to do the same regarding certain personal highlights for me that happened during the year that passed. It was a very eventful year for Milou and I… June marked my first year of living together […]

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November 2019 Recap

Hi Everyone, November for me has been an odd month. I had a lot of free time, yet I did not get as much reading done as I would have liked. I am in no way going through a slump of any kind, I just did not focus on reading a lot for some reason. […]

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Happy Birthday Milou!!!!

Seeing as I have been a total douche and forgotten to get you any form of birthday card, I have decided to do something else this year. I would like to try get most of the people that follow me to go over to Milou’s  blog and wish her a happy birthday. I believe most of […]

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#TheDaughtersOfSalem #NetGalley- How we sent our children to their deaths- Part 1- Gilbert Thomas

Colonial Massachusets, early 1690’s. When a young girl in a Puritan town rejects a farmer boy’s gift and instead slips out into the forest to dance with a young man from the Abenaki tribe, it sets off a chain of events resulting in one of the worst cases of mass hysteria in U.S. history, as […]

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POST #200!!!

Since this is not actualy my 200th post anymore, lets just pretend it is… You read it right folks! This is my 200th post for this here small little hobby I started almost 2 years ago. I say almost 2 years because Wordaholicanonymous will only be 2 in April. For those that missed the first […]

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Guys! I’ve made it! This is my version of “Congratulations on reaching 200 followers”. It is in Dutch as my phone is set that way to help me read more of the language… I just got the notification yesterday morning as my November recap, December plans… post went up. I know 200 is not as big as […]

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