WeWo – Ode to Hope

Seeing as my scheduled post for yesterday, failed to launch, let us make believe that today is is still Wednesday… I have not had a WeWo in quite a while so thought I could share another attempted poem I wrote a loooong time ago. WeWo, for those new to my blog is short for Wednesday […]

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WeWo -Unblocked?

Welcome to Wednesday Wordsday, Today it is with some excitement that I can share with you a poem which sprung from my hand last night. As some of you might know, I have been struggling with writing for quite a few years. Last night I was going through my old attempts and something inside of […]

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WeWo – Life as a Poem

I have only recently learned that April is officially poetry month. Back when I started my blog I had an idea in mind that I would gather my poems here as a potential feedback system of what poems work or are complete duds. Back then I had fewer followers than now, but even with the […]

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WeWo – Nightmare

Welcome to another Wednesday Wordsday. These posts of mine have become very scattered throughout the year due to how busy this year has gone. I try to post at least one a month, yet it does not always go according to plan. Seeing as this is the last Wednesday and the official day of Halloween […]

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WeWo – Dad

My father passed away about 7 years ago after a 2 year struggle with cancer. In my life I never saw him being sick once, we never had to go visit him for some operation in a hospital. The one time he was not feeling well was just after Christmas. My mom took him to […]

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WeWo- Street

Welcome to another WeWo people. It has been a while since I posted one of my poems. I have had some time to sift through my mountain of papers… I can not truly say where the words for this poem came from, but I believe it had to do with an interaction I had with […]

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WeWo- Drunkard

Dear Guests/Friends, It has felt like a whole while since I last did a WeWo. I don’t think it was that missed to be honest, seeing as they fare less well with likes and comments. Not that that this matters to me at all. I do WeWo (this is short for Wednesday Wordsday, for those […]

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WeWo- Ode to Silence

Welcome to May every body! Today on WeWo I would like to share a poem I wrote in an attempt to personify Silence. I went through a time where I tried to draw inspiration from abstract words/feelings. I can’t say this poem was any good, but when the words came I was fortunate enough to […]

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