October 2022 Recap

Can you believe it we have only two months to go before this year is out? I can’t… October for Milou and I started with us just recovering from Covid for the second time, we also started October with a two-week holiday. We went to Florence and Pisa in Italy. Both of us still had […]

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October 2022 Reading Plans

Books to be reviewed still: Thought I would include this as a new part of my Reading Plans, so people can see what they can dread/look forward to reading about in the coming month. Quite a variety to come still… Currently Reading: In the miniature painting part of the blogosphere October we have Orktober, where different […]

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September 2022 Recap

And so we are in the last 3 months leading to the end of this year. September saw me come back to blogging after a short hiatus, which I still plan on writing about, but just have not had the time for. I had not had a lot of time for many things it so […]

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May 2022 Recap

I know I said in April my blog was a bit quiet, but damn dude, this May was even worse. Does it feel at times that I lost the ability to blog? Yeah some times… Is this due to work being super draining? I think it is. Are there other things that keep me from […]

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