Reading Plans November 2021

Short post today… In keeping with what I said yesterday with Halloween themed Metal, I am also doing a few Horror reads this month. Purely because I skipped October. Here is what I have in mind: Currently Reading:  What is said to be Fehervari’s third book in his Dark Coil series. This novel has been […]

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The Reverie – Peter Fehervari

Published: 30 October 2020Publisher: Black LibraryPages: 384Series: Warhammer HorrorFormat Read: Audible & KindleDuration: 9h 41mins Blurp: Three travellers are drawn into the conspiracy that wards the wound – a knight haunted by his lost humanity, an aging poet who refuses to go gently into the night and a scholar who yearns to redeem mankind. All […]

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Deacon Of Wounds – David Annandale

Published: 1 February 2021Publisher: Black LibraryPages: 240Series: Stand Alone/ Warhammer HorrorFormat Read: Kindle Blurp: (Taken from NG)   Spine-chilling Warhammer Horror novel set in the Warhammer 40,000 Universe… The planet of Theotokos is dying of thirst. For years, Arch-Deacon Ambrose has done everything in his power to help the people. Charismatic, virtuous, pious, he is […]

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Sepulturum – Nick Kyme

Published: 3 March 2020Publisher: Black LibraryPages: 234Series: Stand AloneFormat Read: Kindle Blurp: Morgravia Sanctus is being hunted. She doesn’t know by whom or why, only that her life is in danger. She goes into hiding in the low-hive of Blackgeist, in the hope of losing her pursuers and piecing together the fragments of her broken […]

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February 2021 Reading Plans

February is upon us. I have a few books that I am carrying over from last month still. I have been doing a lot less reading than the start of January, but that is none of anything else’s fault. I will be striving to finish those books up before I look at anything else, but […]

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