Web of Spiderman Annual

The Very compressed Blurp: Spidey has kayoed kingpins of crime, mopped up mobsters and gotten J. Jonah Jameson’s goat countless times. but now he faces his greatest challenge of all when he must stop a young, crippled, science whiz-kid from becoming the next mastermind of crime! Thoughts: This was a longer comic than the previous […]

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Web of Spiderman: Issues 6-9

Issues synopsises (never knew synopsises was a word till now…) I don’t expect anyone to read through all this it is rather detailed, you can go ahead and just scrawl down to the thoughts section. “Gold Rush!” Story continued from Secret Wars II #2… The Kingpin is woken up at 3:00 am with some troubling […]

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Web of Spiderman: Issues 2-5

You might have missed it, but I started a read along with¬†Bookstooge on the¬†Web of Spiderman run. This series consists out of a total of around 140 issues so I will not be using each issue’s cover for these mini reviews. I personally feel that the first issue’s cover is quite the looker in any […]

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